9 Creative Ways To Use Lighting Fixtures in the Home

Crozet Pendant Light - Polished Nickel, Hanzell Pendant Light - Bright Copper, Brushed Gold Crozet Pendant Light - Polished Nickel, Hanzell Pendant Light - Bright Copper, Brushed Gold

Lighting is one of the most important accessories in your home. It directs the visual flow of your space, adding necessary illumination to high-traffic areas. Essential to complete everyday tasks, this functional design element is often overlooked. However, lighting can be a creative feature when you plan ahead, lending personal flair and intrigue throughout the home.

For your next renovation, get inspired by these unique spaces that utilize lighting in unconventional ways. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and every room in between, these stunning installations will bring fresh and stylish lighting ideas to your home.

Group Pendant Lights as an Alternative to Chandeliers

Perfect for creating a unique, abstract centerpiece, grouping multiple pendant lights above kitchen islands or other gathering spaces gives your home texture and dimension. As seen here, our Hanzell, and Crozet pendant lights work together to illuminate this kitchen island, offering varying lengths, finishes, and shade shapes to the scene.

Pendant lights in Polished Nickel, Bright Copper, Brushed Gold hang over a kitchen island

Highlight Artwork Using Sconces

Placing sconces on either side of art pieces or heirlooms is a great way to highlight wall-hanging decor while achieving a sense of symmetry in your space. Not only will the added illumination bring artwork to life, but it will also command attention separate from your main living room light fixtures, giving your favorite accessories the spotlight they deserve.

Use Barwell Vanity Sconce in Satin Copper as a creative lighting idea to complement art work

Create A Cozy, Well-Lit Reading Nook

There’s nothing better than spending a rainy day at home immersed in a good book. With no cozy reading nook complete without the right lighting, a calming ambiance is key. Install moody wall sconces near chairs to ensure a relaxing yet well-lit experience, as our Alfaro collection does here. While one of our favorite living room lighting ideas, a reading nook is perfect for those vacant corners or spare rooms anywhere throughout your home.

Alfaro Pendant hanging light fixtures and Wall Sconce in Matte Black light up reading nooks

Step Up Your Game Room with Modern Fixtures

Modern lighting can easily add an elegant element to your game room. Not only is proper lighting essential to the look of your at-home arcade, but it will also improve your skills and performance when properly placed and installed. In this space, for example, two pendant lights are hung over a billiards table, making it easy to line up the perfect shot.

Blackthorne Pendant Light in Matte Black hangs over a ping pong table

Create an At-Home Theater With Outdoor Lighting

Just because outdoor lighting was made to brave the elements, it doesn’t mean you can’t install it inside. While this rings true for any space in the home, because of its subtle illumination, outdoor lighting is the perfect solution for your own personal movie theater. In this space, the downward glow of our Paddock Outdoor Entrance Sconces set the tone while ensuring guests get to their seats safely.

Black Paddock LED 2-Light Outdoor Entrance Wall Sconces add creative lighting in a home theater

Use Chandeliers To Add Focal Point To Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a statement piece. While chandeliers are more commonly used in entryways and kitchens, these hanging light fixtures also work well in primary bathrooms. For example, installing a chandelier over a bathtub or around vanities and sinks will transform your space into a luxurious at-home spa as it draws focus to other centerpieces in the room.

Dutton 6-Light Chandelier and Risom Pendant Light in Brushed Gold light up a primary bathroom

Space Pendants Over Islands for Functional Flair

It’s no secret that kitchen islands and other busy spaces need to be well-lit to ensure safe prep work. However, adding two or more pendant lights over these areas will instantly make them a spot to gather. As a rule of thumb, consider installing a pendant light over every other seating placement—not only will you be able to see your guests, prepared food will look even tastier.

Bartow 3-Light Pendant Light - Antique Silver Leaf, Edisto 6-Light Pendant Chandelier - Rustic Pewter

Add Convenient Bedside Lighting

There is nothing worse than getting comfortable in bed only to realize you haven’t turned the overhead light off. With convenient bedside lighting, you can control the brightness of your space without getting up and fumbling through the dark. For this room, sconces and pendant lights are great to hang over nightstands so you can easily access essentials or cozy up with a late-night read before falling asleep.

Stanburn Vanity Sconce Single Light in Aged Brass provides convenient bedside lighting

Illuminate Shelving for High Visibility

During your next renovation, make wet bars or open shelving units a forethought. Invest in plenty of mood lighting from pendants to wall sconces to get the most out of these spaces. Not only will creative lighting make cutting garnishes safer and more accurate, but it will also add ambiance and highlight a beloved part of your home.

Barwell Vanity Sconce in Satin Copper adds visibility to open shelving in a kitchen

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