Shower Heads Buying Guide

Shower Heads Buying Guide
A shower head is the type of home fixture that is seen and experienced on a daily basis. From looks to function, it contributes to a bathroom's overall style while offering an enhanced showering experience. Quick and easy to replace, swapping out your shower head is a DIY project that yields noticeable results, physically and visually.

Installation Types
  Wall Mount Shower Heads Wall Mount – Wall-mount shower heads extend directly from your wall via an arm or flange. Arm styles come in a variety of styles, with standard, offset, and extended among the most popular.

Shower Arms:

Standard: Standard shower arms have a straightforward design that extends from the wall and angles downward.
Offset: Offset shower arms provide additional headroom while you rinse. They extend out from the wall and curve upward. Their shapely design also brings a unique look to your space.
Extended: Extended shower arms move your shower experience further away from the wall. A separate shower head attaches to the arm to deliver a rainfall showering experience.

  Ceiling Mount Shower Head Ceiling Mount – Ceiling-mount showers hang directly over your head. This style is installed from your ceiling, allowing the water to flow evenly over your body. Installing a ceiling-mount shower is more involved than standard shower installations due to piping need to be installed from the wall and overhead into the ceiling.  
  Detail of Brass Shower Head Nozzles Brass - Due to its durability, most high-quality shower heads are made of brass. A metal that resists rust and corrosion, brass is a hassle-free material because it rarely needs replacing.  
  Detail of Stainless Steel Shower Head Nozzles Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is naturally resistant to stains and rusting, and is light yet durable. Stainless steel retains its luster over time and is able to withstand extreme temperatures.  
  Detail of Porcelain Shower Head Nozzles Porcelain – Porcelain is an excellent choice for a vintage-style bathroom. This ceramic material is usually seen in custom makeovers where a classic look is desired.
Shower heads can have a complete finish or contain finished accents on their collar or along the spray patterns where the water comes out. Finishes include brass, polished brass, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, and stainless steel.
The shape of a shower head determines whether it will coordinate well with a tradition, transitional, or modern bathroom.
  Round Shower Head Round & Oval - Round and oval shower heads are the most versatile, style wise. Modern or classic looks can be achieved, depending on the design.  
  Square Shower Head Square & Rectangular - Clean lines make square shower heads ideal for a contemporary bathroom. This style delivers a rainfall experience because of its wide, flat shape. Similar to square shower heads, rectangular shower heads deliver a rainfall experience and have a modern look.  
  Wall Mount Shower Head Irregular Shapes - Uniquely shaped shower heads bring visual interest to your space and are great for custom projects. From cylindrical to trumpet-shaped, these styles have personality and charm.  
Selecting the right shower head is just beginning of transforming your bathroom into a space that reflects your personal style. Visit our custom shower buying guide for more information on spa-like enhancements like body sprays, hand showers, and thermostatic technology.

Shower heads have varying nozzle types, and their differences go beyond aesthetics. Generally, shower heads will have one of three nozzle types: raised nozzles, silicone nozzles, or flat nozzles.
  Raised Nozzles Raised Nozzles – Create a streamlined, powerful downward spray. Shower heads of this type may have removable nozzles that make them easy to soak in a cup of warm water or vinegar to remove any sediment buildup.  
  Silicone Nozzles Silicone Nozzles – Feature small nozzles that are made of silicone rather than brass or plastic. The rubber shower nozzles are clog-resistant, so they require very little maintenance aside from general cleaning.  
  Flat Nozzles Flat Nozzles – The shower head has a flat face that creates a linear look for bathrooms with a minimalist aesthetic. This type of shower head makes general cleaning a breeze with the use of a damp cloth or soft paper towel to wipe away buildup.  
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