Bathroom Mirror Ideas: 9 Looks You'll Love

Minimalist or ornate? Colorful or monochromatic? Your bathroom mirror should reflect more than just your appearance—it's a chance to let your inner designer shine through. There are no limits to the looks you can achieve simply by finding and mounting the perfect mirror in the most interesting way, and we have nine fun ideas to get you started.

1. Backlight It

Brighten any bathroom by bringing in a mirror with soft, ambient light behind it. A backlit LED mirror lends a comforting glow to dark, awkward spaces while enhancing surrounding features like wallpaper, sinks, and countertops. This illuminating addition aids in accuracy and precision, too, with its diffused light ring that mimics soft daylight perfect for styling hair, applying makeup, or shaving.

Fahlman Oval Lighted Mirror with Tunable LED, Lentz Single-Hole Bathroom Faucet and Towel Ring in Brushed Gold
Fahlman Oval Lighted Mirror
Harrington Lighted Mirror
Morse Round Lighted Mirror
Fleming Lighted Mirror
Winnberg Lighted Mirror
Araica Lighted Mirror

2. Take Up The Whole Wall

Install an oversized wall vanity mirror that takes up the majority of space above your double sink. This technique brings a seamless effect to any room, creating the illusion of infinite space. Mirrors like this can be heavy, awkward to handle, and difficult to install, so tackle it as a two-person job or call a professional installer.

56" Fallbrook Vanity Mirror and 60" Quen Double Vanity in Midnight Navy Blue. Greyfield Widespread Faucet in Aged Brass
Fallbrook Vanity Mirror - Gray
Seren Lighted Medicine Cabinet
Carpini Square Decorative Vanity Mirror
Leda Lighted Medicine Cabinet
Fallbrook Vanity Mirror - Driftwood Brown
Pallas Lighted Medicine Cabinet

3. Double Up

If sheet mirrors aren’t your style, hanging two individual vanity mirrors is a great solution. Mirrors hung side by side can also make the room look larger while giving a sense of privacy to those using them. Pick framed styles that contrast the wall color to accentuate them as a pair. Hang identical models for satisfying symmetry, and take it a step further by choosing those that match vanity itself.

Tenaya Hexagonal Decorative Vanity Mirror in Black Powder Coat with Gold Gilding, 72" Holmesdale Vanity in Black

4. Store More

Need extra storage in the bathroom? Look no further than the medicine cabinet: a mirrored box that opens to reveal convenient shelving behind it. Today's medicine cabinets can hang directly on the wall for easy installation or can sit flush with the wall to create a seamless look. For an extra dose of personal flair, consider adding wallpaper to your mirrored storage cabinet’s interior.

35" Seren Lighted Medicine Cabinet with Tunable LED and Wireless Speaker, Lexia Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet in Matte Black

5. Wax Nostalgic

There's a reason vintage styles return again and again. It's because their silhouettes are timeless, their materials are inviting, and their charm transports us to another time and place. Even your newly renovated bathroom can benefit from vintage-inspired fixtures, instantly adding a lived-in touch. Art deco, Victorian, mid-century modern, and more bathroom mirror designs can be found in abundance.

Feeling inspired? Explore our Style Guides.

Claudia Vanity Mirror in Antique Coffee

6. Reflect Eco-Friendliness

Did you know you can be green in bathroom mirror choices? From the material used to frame them out to the type of lighting used to illuminate them, you can find eye-catching options that leave less of an impact on the environment. When searching for an eco-friendly bathroom mirror, shop for ones framed in natural materials such as bamboo or teak wood, especially if sustainably sourced or reclaimed.

Burfield Bamboo Vanity Mirror in Natural Bamboo

8. Face Natural Light

In bathrooms with a window—use it to your advantage! There’s nothing like getting ready in front of natural light and the lovely view that comes with it, so place your vanity front and center. Install a magnifying mirror with an extendable arm nearby for an open-air look with just enough function. These small bathroom mirrors serve as smart options in rooms with limited wall space as well, making excellent powder room mirrors.

Novak Round Teak Vanity Mirror in Teak, Ramana Magnifying Double-Sided Wall-Mount Makeup Mirror in Satin Black

9. Lose The Frame

Most people think of framed glass when they think of the bathroom mirror, but why not go frameless? Mirrors without frames are sleek, not to mention easy to clean and maintain. Use this style as a blank canvas, letting the surrounding décor speak for itself from statement wallpaper to a striking vessel sink. Frameless mirrors transform even the most dated bathroom into a modern oasis.

Loula Lighted Frameless Mirror with Tunable LED
Novak Round Teak Vanity Mirror
Ritchie Oval Lighted Mirror
Ulric Decorative Vanity Mirror
Araica Lighted Mirror
Tenaya Hexagonal Decorative Vanity Mirror
Amyr Oval Decorative Vanity Mirror

When it's time to renovate your bathroom, don't underestimate a mirror's potential to evoke the unique mood you're hoping to create.

Acrewood Oval Wood Vanity Mirror in Natural Mango Wood, Calera Wall Sconce Candelabra, Vassor Single-Hole Faucet in Brushed Gold
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