Small Changes, Big Impact

Eiler Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Gold, 33" Wenbrook Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Eiler Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Gold, 33" Wenbrook Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Easy Upgrades That Make a Difference

Not every home upgrade needs to be a complete gut renovation for it to feel fresh and on-trend. In fact, you can make many quick and simple changes to your kitchen, bathroom, and more without the need for major time commitments or labor-intensive work.

Meant for homeowners of all skills and backgrounds, some of these projects don’t even require power tools. While a drill or a contractor may help you get the ball rolling, most of these ideas invite you to showcase your Signature style all on your own.

Choose All-New Cabinet Hardware

Hardware is one of the easiest updates anyone can do. With few tools needed, swapping old cabinet knobs and pulls instantly refreshes your cabinetry without breaking the bank (or your back). With dozens of finishes and styles to choose from, the opportunities are endless, depending on your personal preference.

collage of cabinet hardware in various finishes

For example, our Ponderay Brass Cabinet Pulls bring a warm metallic flair to this cool green kitchen. However, if your home feels more sleek and minimalist, choose simple styles without beveled edges, knurling, or intricate details. On the flip side, cremone bolts, another type of cabinet or window hardware, give your space a timeless touch that will surely bring the “wow” factor.

closeup of gold cabinet pull on green cabinet

For tips and tricks on installing cabinet hardware, consult our Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide.

white and gold round cabinet knob
Cabinet Knobs
green and nickel drawer pull
Drawer Pulls
acrylic and brass appliance pull
Appliance Pulls
brass cup pull
Cup Pulls
Cabinet Latches and Hinges

Give Your Doors & Entryways a Facelift

First impressions matter. The feeling you get when entering your home sets the tone for the entire space, and whether you want to upgrade your front or interior passage doors, our wide selection of door sets will surely create a welcoming ambiance. From crystal door knobs to heavy-duty brass handles, swapping your door’s main hardware is a relatively simple task most homeowners can do without a contractor.

In addition to entrance, dummy, passage, and privacy sets, there are other ways to add extra creativity to your doors. For example, decorating with clavos–a decorative nail-like accessory–is a great way to invite more detail into your space. Additionally, barn doors on decorative tracks or pocket doors with baroque locks instantly heighten your home’s style and character.

Consult our Door Hardware Buying Guide or Interior Barn Door Hardware Buying Guide for other questions regarding installation and styles.

Entry Door & Lock Sets
Interior Door & Knob Sets
Mortise Lock Sets
Door Pulls
Barn Door Hardware
Door Hinges & Straps
Door Stops
Door Knockers

Consider Installing Open Shelving Units

Looking to add storage and style to your next home upgrade? Look no further than open shelving units. Perfect for displaying beloved items and essentials, installing shelf brackets frees up counter space and adds a visual element to your kitchen, bathroom, office, or den.

Keeton Solid Brass Shelf Bracket - Satin Brass, Eiler Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Gold, Wenbrook Farmhouse Sink

In this kitchen for example, our Keeton Solid Brass Shelf Brackets provide space to keep mugs and other everyday utensils within reach. Just be sure to install your shelf brackets in studs to ensure the structure will support the necessary weight.

Keeton Solid Brass Shelf Bracket, Satin Brass
Classic Iron Shelf Bracket
Keeton Solid Brass Shelf Bracket
Classic Brass Shelf Bracket
Gehler Solid Brass Shelf Bracket
Rustic Cast Iron Shelf Bracket

Swap Out Old Registers

Often held into the floor or wall by tension springs or clips, registers are another easy update for your home. These decorative accents regulate the air from your HVAC unit and add a touch of flair wherever installed. While larger registers may come with screws to further secure their placement, this low-tool installation may only take a few minutes to complete with the help of a drill, screwdriver, and hammer.

Much like hardware, these accessories come in an array of finishes and range in style from modern to art deco, making them incredibly versatile to a number of design choices.

collection of registers

Please refer to our Register Buying Guide for help regarding your shopping journey.

Durand Cast Iron Floor Register
Durand Cast Iron Floor Register
Appert Steel Wall Register
Bradner Brass Floor Register
Baer Steel Wall Register

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Matching Accessories

Accessory sets are a great way to bring cohesion to your bathroom. These inclusive collections often come with a robe hook, towel ring, towel bar, and toilet paper holder. While some of these pieces require installation similar to that of cabinet hardware, opting for a freestanding toilet paper holder or towel rack requires no necessary tools.

Drea bathroom faucet, toilet paper holder, towel holder,  Calera Wall Sconce Single Light Candelabra - brushed gold

In addition to matching sets, consider upgrading bath mats, toilet brushes, and shower caddies to give your space an elevated look and feel.

Robe Hooks
Bathroom Shelves
chrome towel bar
Towel Holders
teak bath mat
Tub & Shower Accessories
Grab Bars

Replace Dated Medicine Cabinets & Accent Mirrors

Create a morning routine station that is worth waking up for. By updating your medicine cabinet or bathroom accent mirrors, you instantly streamline your everyday regimen by keeping essentials within reach. Today, there are hundreds of cabinet options to choose from, with functionality ranging from LED mirrors to Bluetooth connection. Additionally, for those looking for a more intrusive installation, many of our medicine cabinets come with electrical outlets to plug in cosmetic tools.

For those who want a simple upgrade, traditional accent mirrors, as seen here, are a great way to add dimension and shape to your space.

pink bathroom with black faucets and hardware

For tips on installing a Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet or a Recessed Medicine Cabinet, refer to our respective How-To Guides.

Frameless Mirrors
LED-Lighted Vanity Mirrors
rectangular mirror with black frame
Framed Mirrors
modern rectangular medicine cabinet
Modern Medicine Cabinets
Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Add Grab Bars for Instant Accessibility

To make sure individuals of all abilities can seamlessly navigate your home, consider installing grab bars. Place these in areas where standing for long periods may cause fatigue, particularly in the bathroom. Simple yet highly effective, these additions allow users to lower or raise themselves easily and safely while providing extra grip when standing.

Grab bars must be secured to wall studs or solid wood blocking behind a finished wall to ensure they can support the weight of the user. This step is vital, though the installation process itself is straightforward, making this a quick project any DIYer can handle.

Learn more about the specific requirements for designing an ADA-compliant home.

Armand ADA Compliant Grab Bar in Brushed Nickel
Pickens U-Shape Grab Bar with Leg Support in Brushed Nickel
Pickens U-Shape Grab Bar with Leg Support
Contemporary Grab Bar in Chrome
Contemporary Grab Bar
Marseille ADA CompliantGrab Bar in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Marseille Grab Bar
Pickens Wall-to-Floor Grab Bar in Chrome
Pickens Wall-to-Floor Grab Bar
Lenoir Standard Grab Bar in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Lenoir Standard Grab Bar

Create a Functional Space with Faucets

Another simple upgrade that instantly brings a big change to your home is installing a new bathroom or kitchen faucet. As the centerpiece of your sink, your faucet commands attention in your space while delivering maximum functionality to everyday tasks. Especially in the kitchen, your faucet should meet daily demands, so consider whether you prefer something simple and streamlined or one that comes complete with added features. These features may include the following: pull-down hoses, side sprayers, spring spouts, touchless technology, soap trays, and push-button stream settings.

For example, the faucet pictured here, the Eiler, comes with a high-arch, pull-down spring spout, pre-rinse design, and two-function spray head, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach corners of your sink while masterfully washing your dishes.

Consult our respective Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide and Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide for more tips and inspiration.

farmhouse sink with gold kitchen faucet
Kitchen Faucets
gold bathroom faucet
Bathroom Faucets
gold freestanding tub faucet
Tub Faucets
matte black bar faucet
Bar Faucets
Pot Fillers

Elevate Your Toilet with a Bidet Seat

Want to fall in love with your loo? When renovating your bathroom, upgrading your toilet is not often something that comes to mind. However, trading your traditional toilet seat for a bidet elevates your experience and helps you reduce the use of toilet paper, making it a cost-effective option in many homes.

Additionally, bidet seats are straightforward to install as opposed to entire toilets or bidet units. Because they use existing plumbing, there is no need to change the layout of your space or contact your plumber for installation. For added luxury and modernity, choose an electronic bidet seat to access features such as remote control functionality, adjustable seat temperature, heated air drying, self-cleansing nozzles, and more.

toilet with bidet seat

See how a bidet seat will make a difference in your DIY upgrade with our Bathroom Bidet Buying Guide.

toilet with bidet seat
Carraway One-Piece Elongated Toilet with Aldridge Bidet Seat
Sarasota One-Piece Elongated Toilet with Aldridge Bidet Seat
Carraway Two-Piece Skirted Elongated Toilet
Eastpointe Corner Toilet with Bidet Seat

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