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Benbrook Two-Piece Skirted Elongated Toilet
Benbrook Two-Piece Toilet
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Narelle One-Piece Elongated Tankless Battery Operated Toilet
Narelle One-Piece Toilet
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Arnelle Dual-Flush Wall-Mount Elongated Toilet - Brushed Gold
One-Piece Toilets
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Kerrick Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated Skirted Toilet - White
Skirted Toilets
Bradenton Two-Piece Elongated Toilet with 14" Rough-In
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Arnelle Wall-Mount Toilet Arnelle Wall-Mount Toilet
Take Your Toilet to New Heights
The Arnelle Wall-Mount Toilet

Looking to give your bathroom the ultimate modern revamp? Look no further than the all-new Arnelle Wall-Mount Toilet. Featuring an adjustable bowl height and in-wall tank, its floating silhouette streamlines the look of your space, all while making it easy to clean.

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Vela Smart Toilet Vela Smart Toilet
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The Vela Smart Toilet

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century with the Vela Smart Toilet. With two options to choose from, both tankless models are WaterSense certified and feature a range of adjustable settings: water pressure and temperature control, manual and automatic flush, bidet functionality, seat temperature control, and more.

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Eastpointe Corner Toilet Eastpointe Corner Toilet
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The Eastpointe Corner Toilet

Perfect for those looking to conserve square footage in their bathrooms or powder rooms, the Eastpointe Corner Toilet is an ideal choice. In addition to its space-saving design, this classic toilet features a dual-option, push-button flush that releases water at desired quantities.

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Toilets and Bidets for Your Everyday Needs

For your next bathroom upgrade, consider Signature Hardware’s extensive selection of toilets and bidets. Whether you’re seeking a classic two piece toilet or a sleek one piece toilet, these fixtures will surely bring functionality to your space. To learn about the variety of styles and features available, explore our Toilet Buying Guide. Toilets with bidet functionality, or a bidet toilet, are excellent options, adding luxury and convenience without taking up additional space in your bathroom. Learn more about the benefits of bidets in our Bidet Buying Guide. When shopping for your toilet, consider your rough in toilet measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Find the Right Toilet Sizes for Your Bathroom

To accommodate all bathroom layouts and design needs, our toilets are designed in a range of sizes. From toilet seats to overall toilet sizes, you’ll want to find a toilet that is not only comfortable for the user but also proportional to your space. With plenty of toilets for small bathrooms available, maximize space for your powder room or awkward layout with a compact toilet.

Go Beyond the Standard Toilet

One of the most frequently used items in the home, the toilet serves as an essential component to any bathroom design. Going beyond the standard toilet, our unique toilets not only add style to an often overlooked fixture, but ensure seamless everyday functionality. To best suit your individual needs, you can find a variety of silhouettes including a corner toilet, elongated toilet, tall toilet, and wall-mounted toilet. Due to the floating effect created, these are also called a floating toilet and add a minimalist look to any space.

Consider infusing some of the latest technologies for optimal luxury and convenience with smart toilets. Smart toilet benefits range from heated seats to automatic flushing to integrated bidet parts for a toilet bidet combo. For added accessibility or comfort, choose one of our stylish ADA compliant toilets. To complete your installation, add toilet parts such as toilet tank handles or flushes and self-closing seats. Whether you’re shopping for parts of a toilet or unique toilets for sale, our curated selection has you covered. Find the best bathroom toilets for your remodel online or shop in person by visiting our showroom.

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