Shower Drain Buying Guide

Shower Drain Buying Guide
With a growing selection of shower drains available today it may be a little challenging to determine which style is right for you. A shower drain should be not only functional, but visually appealing as well. The following information will help you get a little more familiar with the types of drains that are offered and the functionality of each.

Square or round

  Square Shower Drain  
  Traditional square or round drains are the least expensive and most commonly used shower drains. Today these drains are available in many sizes and styles making them more unique and luxurious.  
  Rectangular Shower Drain Round Shower Drain  


Linear Shower Drain
  Also known as a trench or channel drains, linear shower drains feature a long rectangular shaped body and a solid cover or grating that sits flush with the finished floor.

Linear shower drains offer a sleek design and give the installer the ability to pitch the shower floor in one direction. This offers an advantage over traditional center drains where the floor must slope in four directions to properly drain water. Linear drains may be installed against the wall or at the shower entrance and are great if installing a curbless (barrier free) shower.
  Linear Shower Drain  
  Linear Shower Drain In Customers Shower  

Tile-Top Linear

Tile-Top Linear Shower Drain
  Tile-top linear shower drains feature a removable tile pan on the drain strainer. Tile is installed in the pan to match the surface of the shower floor, camouflaging the drain for a seamless look. Tile-top drain installation is like that of a traditional linear drain.  
  Tile-Top Linear Shower Drain  
  Tile-Top Linear Shower Drain In Customer's Bathroom  
Note: Whether your bathroom is a renovation or new construction, choosing the shower drain location is contingent on the waste line location, which may be predetermined or already installed. Waste lines may be relocated but should only be done so under the supervision of a professional.
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