5 Interior Design Experts Show Off Their Powder Room Designs

Powder room design with the Greyfield Widespread Faucet, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Ring in Aged Brass, 48" Robertson Vanity Powder room design with the Greyfield Widespread Faucet, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Ring in Aged Brass, 48" Robertson Vanity

What better place to unleash your creativity than a powder room? Differing from full-sized bathrooms with the omission of showers or baths, these often-petite spaces present the perfect opportunity to go big through design.

To get inspired for your powder room design, see how some of our favorite interior design experts created their own bold looks in small spaces.

The Scott Brothers Bring the Victorian Era Into the Now

Everyone loves the Scott brothers for their insightful interior design tips and ability to pull off ambitious ideas. Drew and Jonathan did just that in this high-impact guest bathroom, incorporating vintage and classic plumbing fixtures with opposing tones and eye-catching sheen. Using a blend of Victorian-era design elements and dominant Art Deco influences, the brothers created a true statement room.

Powder room design by the Property Brothers with the 30" Cierra Console Sink with Brass Stand in Brushed Nickel

Pro tip: For a neutral bathroom with wow-factor, treat your metallic surfaces as a key part of your design. Seek highly reflective, inviting finishes to make your room pop without ever breaking your neutral palette.

Ali Hynek’s Take on a Moody Bathroom

Description automatically generatedFounder and CEO of Nena & Co. Ali Hynek truly has an eye for design, and it shows through her eclectic-style powder room. Cool, moody tones combine with geometric shapes that are true to her colorful personal style, completing a fun space for freshening up.

Powder room design by Ali Hynek with the Bathroom Trim Kit for Copper Pipe in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Pro Tip: For instant drama in close quarters, go all in on a bold hue and feature metallic fixtures in an opposing color temperature. In this case, warm brass fixtures and accents offer striking contrast against deep green tile and other cool tones used throughout.

Brooke Morales Transforms Bachelor Pad into Airy Haven

When blogger Brooke Morales moved in with her husband, she transformed his [former] bachelor pad into the airiest shared space. This modern powder room design cleverly utilizes white to visually enlarge the space while a few classic elements and lots of shine complete an elegant yet refreshing look.

powder room design by Brooke Morales with the Ulric Decorative Vanity Mirror in Gold Leaf, Beatty Wall Sconce in Antique Brass

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix metals like brass with nickel, or copper with matte black. Be experimental with your hardware, as it’s easy to swap out and helps achieve a more lived-in look. And don't forget about the sinks and countertop. There are many bathroom sink materials to choose from, so select options that are just as durable as they are beautiful.

Jewel Marlowe’s Dimensional Dreamscape

Designer Jewel Marlowe ingeniously mingled color, texture, and pattern to create this stunning powder room—which she completed in five weeks. The dark green wainscoting and bright yellow crane wallpaper envelop the room, adding an immense sense of depth and charm. An exposed pipe sink keeps the space open while adding a unique depth of its own.

powder room design by Jewel Marlowe with the 34" Burleson Porcelain Console Sink With Brass Stand

Pro Tip: Especially for those worried about going too bold, ensure your main fixtures offer a more timeless look. Things like paint color, wallpaper, and accents can easily be swapped out, while vanities, tubs, and other plumbing fixtures you’ll want to choose for longevity.

Becky Daly Perfects Balancing Beauty and Simplicity

Description automatically generatedBlogger and designer Becky Daly renovated her Florida farmhouse, turning her guest bath into this understated powder room. She perfectly balances the use of shapes and textures with a simple mirror and concrete sink so as not to take away from the antique-inspired faucet or beautifully patterned tile.

powder room design by Becky Daly with the Aaliyah Towel Ring in Chrome

Pro Tip: The mirror should play an integral role in your powder room design, as it not only serves as an eye-catching accent but helps create the illusion of more space. Mirrors can also be utilized for storage, with shelved mirrors and medicine cabinets smart options for small spaces, available in a wide array of designs to effortlessly suit your style.

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