5 Easy Home Office Updates

small home office design with modern decor small home office design with modern decor

When it comes to home renovations, remodels, and refreshes; bathrooms and kitchens get all the attention. But with fully remote jobs and hybrid models as our new normal, it’s more important than ever to give your home office the love it deserves. To get more out of your work-from-home space, check out these 6 DIY projects you can tackle today.

First, Assess the Room

Before you begin, you need a plan. Overall, offices need to be comfortable, organized, and ultra-functional to boost productivity. Is it time for a new chair or for reorganizing the furniture to optimize the room’s flow? If you have trouble pinpointing exactly what the room needs, examine its pros and cons.

Nothing reveals an office’s deficiencies like using it. As you tackle your daily goals, take notes about what you like, such as how your pens and notepads are conveniently within reach.

Then, jot down what reduces your productivity or comfort. This could be insufficient storage, distracting clutter, or not enough desk space. After you know what you need, you can then begin to refresh your office space.

Osian Solid Brass Round Cabinet Knob in Brushed Brass for home office updates

Pull Design Forward

Whether your desk or cabinets have outdated hardware or they simply don’t reflect your style anymore, this is one of the easiest home updates to tackle. With a couple of screws and a few minutes, you can add a totally new look to your home office. Whether it be cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, or cremone bolts, there are thousands of options to choose from to show off your personality.

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Temple Brass Cabinet Cremone Bolt in Antique Brass for home office updates

Shelve Your Ideas

It doesn’t take long to notice that storage matters in an office. Shelving, in particular, serves so many professional and clerical needs. To utilize space above desks or naked walls, you can quickly and easily add open shelving to store books, files, and office supplies aesthetically. Support your new storage solution with shelf brackets, with options available for elevating every style, ranging from minimalist to geometric to nature-inspired motifs.

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Terza Brass Shelf Brackets Set in Antique Brass for home office updates

Hang It Up

The right hardware can serves both substance and style—and it’s not just for your cabinets. Durable wall hooks and racks can help enhance the look of your space while offering innovative, minimally invasive storage. Beyond keeping floors clutter-free, hooks can be used for hanging plants, artwork, and baskets to spruce up your space.

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Mendi Robe Hook in Black & Goldenrod for home office décor

Dress Up Your Entryway

To give home offices without doors added privacy with ease, install a sliding door. Along with your favorite barn door hardware, select a barn door for a traditional look, or to complement modern spaces, bi-fold doors make excellent options. And, finally, adorn your new entrance with stylish door pulls to give it the grandeur it deserves.

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Polson Bi-Fold Barn Door for home office design

Replace Your Registers

For a fully refreshed office space from ceiling to floor, consider upgrading your floor and wall registers. Instead of letting these often-overlooked fixtures fade into the background, swap your registers out for an eye-catching design and finish that are anything but dull or dated—actually adding to the vibe of your space. One of the simplest replacements for the home out there, choose from patterns inspired by iconic design eras and movements like Victorian, Art Deco, mid-century modern, and more.

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Milnor Solid Brass Oversized Floor Register in Brushed Nickel for home office décor

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