6 Home Office Decor Updates

home office with Blackthorn Steel Single Pendant Light in Matte Black above the work station home office with Blackthorn Steel Single Pendant Light in Matte Black above the work station

When it comes to home renovations, remodels, and refreshes; bathrooms and kitchens get all the attention. But with fully remote jobs and hybrid models as our new normal, it’s more important than ever to give your home office the love it deserves. To get more out of your work-from-home space, check out these 6 DIY projects you can tackle today.

First, Assess the Room

Before you begin, you need a plan. Overall, offices need to be comfortable, organized, and ultra-functional to boost productivity. Is it time for a new chair or to reorganize the furniture to optimize the room’s flow? If you have trouble pinpointing exactly what the room needs, examine its pros and cons.

Nothing reveals an office’s deficiencies like using it. As you tackle your daily goals, take notes about what you like, such as how your pens and notepads are conveniently within reach. Also, jot down what reduces your productivity or comfort. This could be insufficient storage, distracting clutter, or not enough desk space. After you know what you need, you can then begin to refresh your office space.

Worthington Wall Sconce, Single Light, in Carbon Bronze sits mounted on the wall

  1. Lighten Up

Both flush and semi-flush-mount ceiling lights come in many styles that range from simple to ornate. They also pack a lot of power, with many models able to hold several lights at once. These make excellent focal points that enhance your office’s beauty.

15" Summerlake 3-Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light - Opal Shade - Polished Nickel

Whether you desire a flush mount that rests higher and directly against the ceiling or a semi-flush mount with a subtle stem that sits slightly lower, you can find a fixture that delights you. Wall sconces can add style and functionality. Maybe you want to elevate your office space with a chandelier. Don’t forget task lighting, too!

3. Replace Your Registers

The small details matter. Upgrading your floor and wall registers can be just the finishing touch your room needs to complete its transformation. Over time, they can get dirty, become warped, or just look outdated.

Installing registers is fast and easy. As you shop for replacements, you’ll find many patterns and materials inspired by some of the most iconic design eras and movements like Victorian, Art Deco, mid-century modern, and more.

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Milnor Solid Brass Oversized Floor Register - Brushed Nickel

4. Shelve Your Ideas

It doesn’t take long to notice that storage matters in an office. Shelving, in particular, serves so many professional and clerical needs. Both traditional and floating shelves can store books, files, and office supplies aesthetically. Ranging from utilitarian with chains or rope to designed shelf brackets to provide reliable support, there are options for every style.

Terza Brass Shelf Brackets Set in Antique Brass hold shelves with decorations
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Yuhan 3 - Tier Corner Teak Bathroom Shelf
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5. Pull Design Forward

Your desk and cabinets may have outdated hardware, but this is one of the easiest home updates to tackle. With a couple of screws and a few minutes, you can add a totally new look to your home office.

Whether it be cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, or cremone bolts, there are thousands of options to choose from to show off your unique style.

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Colmar Brass Drop Pull in Satin Brass

  1. Hang It Up

Hardware can serve both function and fashion—and it’s not just for your cabinets. Wall hooks and racks can enhance the style of your space while offering innovating storage solutions. Think outside the box (and the coat) with hooks too. Consider things like plants, artwork, and hanging baskets as innovative ways to spruce up your space.

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Mendi Robe Hook - Black & Goldenrod

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