How to Update Your Home Entrance From The Inside Out

Tolland Entrance Door Set in Satin Brass, Bauman Cabinet Pull in Champagne Bronze, Ridgeway Faucet & other home entrance décor Tolland Entrance Door Set in Satin Brass, Bauman Cabinet Pull in Champagne Bronze, Ridgeway Faucet & other home entrance décor

Your home entrance gives guests a preview of what's inside, making every detail matter. Adding personal touches to the front of your house and your entryway is the perfect way to create a warm, inviting first impression. To welcome guests in style, try incorporating these quick, easy home entrance ideas.

The Exterior

Home Entrance Sets

It only makes sense to start with something every front door needs: a way to get in and out. Update any outdated or mismatched door knobs or pulls with an entrance set for a luxe, put-together look.

Entrance sets come in an array of styles from stunning hammered designs to sleek, luxurious options, making it easy to find one that complements your home. Options include full-plate and two-piece handle sets, and may feature lever, pull, or knob handles to fit your desired look.

Typically crafted from brass, bronze, or iron, these durable pieces have a premium finish applied to bring a polished look to your door. Installation isn't difficult but can vary depending on the type of hardware you select.

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Tolland Brass Entrance Door Set in Satin Brass for home entrance ideas

Door Knockers

For an easy way to show off some personality with your home entrance, add a door knocker. Announcing the arrival of guests in a pleasing, natural sound, this decor for the front entrance offers inherent charm from its appearance to its functionality.

Opt for a style that ties into your home’s interior to create a seamless transition from the doorstep to the living quarters. For a traditionally styled home, hand-forged ring pulls are a timeless option. In homes rich with eclectic decor, adorn your entrance with your favorite whimsical critter. For the minimalist, plenty of low-profile options can be found to hint at your home’s understated, uncluttered interior.

Quality door knockers will always be made of heavy, weather-resistant materials like cast iron, brass, iron, or nickel. Make sure you select one that will age well over time, especially if facing stark temperature differences as the seasons change.

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Tyson Brass Door Knocker in Antique Brass for entryway ideas

Push Plates

For added flair to your entrance, consider adding a push plate. These are available in designs to match your home entrance set, ranging from rustic to ornately detailed to ultra-modern.

More than stylish home entrance decor, this final touch will protect your door from dirt, handprints, and smudges. Also made of hardwearing materials like brass or iron, push plates are designed to withstand the elements along with the rest of your exterior fixtures.

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Celtic Brass Push Plate in Polished Brass for home entrance ideas

The Entryway

Door Stops

For simple yet impactful entryway ideas, start with a door stop. Designed to protect your wall from damage when opening doors or for keeping them propped open, these practical additions are available in endless designs, bringing an unexpected pop of personality to traditional and modern entryways alike.

Often made from heavy-duty cast iron or brass, these options use their weight to stop your door and keep it in place. These are also available as wedges to achieve the same effect, as well as permanent solutions that mount to your wall or floor.

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Solid Brass Ridged Doorstop in Antique Brass for entryway ideas


Used for final looks before heading out the door, any functional entryway needs a good mirror. To elevate your entryway wall decor, seek mirrors with an intriguing frame or shape that complement your home’s unique style. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a gallery wall combining mirrors for bathrooms and art, or try repurposing a mirror meant for another room in a fresh way.

If you use a vanity as convenient entryway storage or as a landing place for keys, many of our vanity collections feature matching mirrors, designed for effortless cohesion when paired together.

Be sure to place your mirror at eye level for optimal use. If you share a home with people of various heights, try finding the average or arranging multiple mirrors so no one has to stretch or bend down too much.

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Faysel Oval Lighted Mirror in Matte Black Powder Coat for home entrance ideas

Window Hardware

Have an entryway with a view? For a final dose of functional flair, adorn it with window hardware. These small details not only ensure effortless latching, locking, or lifting, but their wide selection of styles and finishes give windows of all types an eye-catching boost.

For those seeking a more extravagant window embellishment, cremone bolts are the perfect choice. Rather than concealing their functionality like traditional locks, these accents put it on full display for a look that’s equal parts stately and industrial.

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Victorian Brass Sash Lock in Matte Black entryway ideas

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