Window Hardware Buying Guide

Operable windows include hardware such as latches locks handles and window cranks. These may be purely functional or they can be a decorative feature of the window.
Some types of windows and their associated hardware are listed below.
Casement Window Stay Double and Single Hung Windows
Single hung windows feature a top and bottom sash. Normally the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash slides open. (A sash is the wood vinyl or fiberglass border around the glass window pane.) With double-hung windows both the top and bottom sashes are operable.
Hardware - These windows typically use a locking latch on the bottom sash to lock the top and bottom sashes together and a sash lift (or handle) on the bottom sash to open the window.

Casement Window
Casement windows open with a crank handle and have a latch on the widnow frame that keeps the window securely closed. (The window frame is the portion that surrounds the sash and is secured to the wall.)
Hardware - Casement windows use latches installed on the vertical edge of the window frame and crank handles or window stays to open and hold the window in place.

Awning Window
Awning windows open with a crank handle and usually do not latch.
Hardware - Because they do not latch the only hardware typically used with awning windows are crank handles.
When selecting window hardware you will want to choose a finish that complements your décor. Finishes include white brass antique brass brushed chrome and oil-rubbed bronze among others. White hardware may be a good choice if you want the hardware to be inconspicuous but it may not be a good choice for windows that are a natural wood finish on the interior.
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