9 Stylish Accents for a Matte Black Kitchen Design

Matte black kitchen with the Ravenel Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, 33" Torun Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in Matte black Matte black kitchen with the Ravenel Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, 33" Torun Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in Matte black

Could your kitchen use that extra something? Yet you’d like it to transcend any style or trend? Matte black just might bring your search to an end. Emitting a unique yet timeless look, this finish is a new mainstay in the interior design space for more reasons than one.

Learn why this finish will benefit your kitchen and follow along for how to create a matte black kitchen of your own and keep it looking spotless.

Why Choose Matte Black for Your Kitchen?

Kitchens are teeming with reflective surfaces and light both natural and artificial. Unlike most finishes, matte black absorbs this shine, adding unexpected depth wherever it’s placed. Whether your kitchen is dark and moody, vibrant and bold, or even light and airy, matte black elevates all styles and design eras.

Among appliances that can be difficult to match and other metallic surfaces in the kitchen, matte black never clashes nor overpowers, making an incredibly versatile choice when mixing metals. Its bold yet neutral tone adds elegant contrast against marble countertops and light wood tones, and it stands up beautifully to highly saturated paint or tile colors.

But matte black is much more than eye-catching. If you’ve ever noticed this finish rarely looks dirty, that’s because it hides smudges and water spots better than any other finish (also making it a breeze to clean). Among the mess that so often comes with food prep and dishwashing, matte black makes for a smart choice in kitchens.

Kitchen with Ravenel Pull-Down Black Kitchen Faucet, 32" Atlas Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink in Gunmetal Black

Timeless Matte Black Kitchen Accents

Ready to introduce matte black to your space? Here are our eight favorite matte black accents for the kitchen:

Accent #1: Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for a simple yet impactful swap in your kitchen, opt for matte black kitchen hardware for cabinets. Not only is this one of the most DIY-friendly upgrades one can do in their home, but adorning your cabinetry or island with matte black kitchen hardware offers instant contrast and sophistication that conveniently hides fingerprints.

Diehl Adjustable Brass Matte Black Cabinet Pulls

Accent #2: Appliance Pulls

Appliance pulls give everything from your stove to your refrigerator that custom look, with matte black giving appliances a sleekness that can’t be store-bought. If you have matte black hardware or other accents in your kitchen, using this finish in your appliance pulls is an excellent way to bring the look together. Matte black’s ability to conceal fingerprints comes especially handy between opening and closing appliances as well.

Evinger Knurled Brass Appliance Pull in Matte Black for black kitchen hardware

Accent #3: Shelf Brackets

From entirely open uppers to wet bars or small coffee nooks, most modern kitchens include open shelving of some kind. For a bit of a refresh with minimal effort required, trade out your shelf brackets with a matte black option. Creating stunning contrast against most wall and tile colors, this finish adds visual intrigue to the area—exactly what you’d hope for with an open-shelf display.

Harridge Cast Iron Shelf Bracket in Black Powder Coat for black kitchen hardware

Accent #4: Faucet

Perhaps our favorite accent of all: enter the matte black kitchen faucet. The fixture’s tall, elegant spout is often the first to grab our attention in the kitchen, making it perfectly suited for an intriguing finish like matte black. Available in your favorite timeless yet hardworking styles like pull-down faucets, widespread faucets with side sprays, and even touchless faucets, the durable finish of matte black makes it a natural choice.

For those who love a dual-tone moment or simply can’t stray away from beloved gilded finishes, consider a black and gold kitchen faucet. This unique selection makes a statement while offering the benefits of matte black along with a warm burst of sheen.

Ravenel Pull-Down Matte Black Kitchen Faucet with Concealed Sprayer

Accent #5: Soap Dispenser

To match your faucet while keeping your countertops clutter-free, consider adding a built-in soap dispenser to your sink setup. In a matte black finish, you can keep soap close by without the worry of water splashes leaving unsightly spots. If desired, these can also be used as convenient lotion dispensers.

Contemporary Soap or Lotion Dispenser in Matte Black for black kitchen hardware

Accent #6: Kitchen Sink

Deviate from the standard white undermount sink in favor of matte black options from farmhouse sinks to drop-in styles. A matte black sink creates a dynamic sink setup that is both eye-catching and practical, hiding water spots much more efficiently than glossy alternatives. For smaller kitchens or wet bars, a bar or prep sink in this finish is equally as effective.

33" Torun Fireclay Farmhouse Matte Black Sink

Accent #7: Pot Filler

For the perfect dash of drama over the stove, look no further than the pot filler. When chosen in matte black, this bold yet timeless finish effortlessly combines with the fixture’s retractable arms for a dimensional look, elevating spaces in style and in practicality.

Streamlining any water-centric task, pot fillers can be used in the kitchen for more than just cooking. Pet owners, consider installing a pot filler right above water bowls for a convenient pet-watering station that saves precious time and energy. Choosing a finish like matte black complements playful tile (and pups) while promising low maintenance.

Contemporary Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet in Matte Black for black kitchen hardware

Accent #8: Cremone Bolts

Nothing adds sophisticated flair to windows, cabinetry, and pantry doors quite like cremone bolts. Rather than concealing their functionality like traditional locks, these accents put it on full display for a look that’s equal parts industrial and grand. In a matte black finish, cremone bolts offer an intriguing presence that complements both the highly embellished and sleek, minimalist silhouettes available.

Mini Beaded Iron Cabinet Cremone Bolt in Black Powder Coat, for black kitchen hardware

Accent #9: Towel Bars & Hooks

To keep linens off of counters yet always in reach, be sure to add towel bars or hooks in convenient locations like near sinks or prep spaces. In matte black, these functional accents make for a nice bold touch and smart addition, as the finish resists rust while concealing any spots left by wet towels. A win-win, if we may say so.

Lexia Towel Bar in Matte Black for black kitchen hardware

Tips for Keeping a Matte Black Kitchen Looking Spotless

Luckily, keeping your matte black fixtures looking like new is quite simple. Thanks to its unique ability to absorb light, it hides smudges, fingerprints, and water spots unlike any other finish—it also means there’s no polishing necessary.

Important: When installing or repairing a matte black fixture, be sure it avoids direct contact with metal tools; opt for wrenches with rubber caps or cloth straps to prevent scratching.

To care for matte black, the key is using the right type of cleaning agents and materials. You’ll need a gentle, degreasing dish soap and a clean, soft sponge or absorbent cloth. Avoid using chemicals, brushes, or abrasive materials of any kind on matte black fixtures, as they could scratch or corrode the finish. Also, ensure your sponge or cloth is free of debris and has not been washed with fabric softener, as these factors could result in streaks and deposits.

It’s most effective to clean matte black with a spray bottle; just ensure the bottle is very clean as well. Mix a decent squirt of the soap with distilled water for best results, spray your fixture, and wipe clean. Then, using distilled water in a spray bottle of its own, rinse the area and wipe dry.

When a deeper clean is needed, simply add white vinegar to your cleaning mixture and let sit for a few minutes before wiping away, following the rest of the steps accordingly.

With these tips in mind, now you can enjoy spotless matte black fixtures for many years to come!

Matte black kitchen with the Caribana Single Handle Two Tone Black and Gold Kitchen Faucet, Korbel 3-Light Pendant Light

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