How Hard Is It To Install Bathroom Fixtures?

How Hard Is It to Install Bathroom Fixtures?
Starting the process of remodeling a guest or master bath can feel intimidating but with a little planning you can update your bathroom on time and on budget. So how hard is it to install or replace hardware in the space? The answer depends primarily on the type of hardware you’re interested in. Many small fixtures will be easy to install while larger ones present varying levels of difficulty. Keep reading to learn what bathroom installations you can DIY and what you should leave to a professional.

Bathroom Faucet: Simple

  Widespread faucet on a vanity top.  
  Your bathroom faucet is one of the most flexible and central pieces in the space. It is also very easy to replace when the current plumbing configuration supports the new model. All you‚Äôll need is a wrench instructions and some plumber's putty to keep everything well sealed.

Keep this hardware exchange simple by selecting a model that needs the same piping setup. For example if you have a two-handle faucet it is simplest to choose another two-handle set rather than convert to a centerset unit. If you exchange one type for another the project may become moderately difficult.

Shower Head: Simple

Polished Brass rainfall showerhead.
A new shower head can reinvigorate your morning routine increasing water pressure or making it easier to use. Thankfully this is a relatively easy update if you aren’t adding another shower head or handle to the layout. Like faucets keeping the same configuration is key to keeping this a simple task.Polished Brass rainfall showerhead.Polished Brass rainfall showerhead.
Polished Brass rainfall showerhead.

Shower System: Difficult

  Shower system  
  Upgrading from a single to dual shower systems may require additional plumbing pipes depending on your current hot water capacity and preferred water pressure. Let experienced professionals reconfigure your plumbing install the new product and make your bathroom look like new again.  

Bathtub: Difficult

  Copper bathtub  
  A soaking tub can round out your bathroom design. Elegant styles such as hammered copper or oversized models fit for two often require professional installation due to lifting and moving heavy objects and updating plumbing connections.  

Accessories: Simple

Collage of bathroom accessories.
Adding functional accessories like robe hooks towel bars and mirrors to your bathroom is easy. Updating existing fixtures is simple too usually only needing a screwdriver stud finder and level. The hardest part might be deciding which style will best suit your bathroom decor. Collage of bathroom accessories.
Collage of bathroom accessories.

Barn Doors: Moderate

Sliding Barn Door
Barn doors are a popular space-saving feature in contemporary and farmhouse style homes. While this is not a difficult project it can be tedious to measure and install perfectly. You’ll need a strong attention to detail a level measuring tool stud finder and drill. For tips on how to install interior barn door hardware check out our official guide.Sliding Barn Door
Sliding Barn Door
Last but not least don’t hesitate to ask for help. Whether you need to speak to one of our licensed plumbers or a customer relations representative we have experienced professionals who are happy to guide you through your update. For additional help check out sites like HomeAdvisor or Angie's List which have experienced pros who can help you finish a bathroom remodel.
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