Vanity Design: Rustic


Rustic style decor is defined by its lived-in look. Rustic vanities are almost always constructed of wood material, often with visible grain patterns and intentional markings to give it a natural feel. These vanities usually lack bright or attention-grabbing details, instead opting to provide a warm ambiance to your space through muted tones and understated stylings. Comforting colors such as dark reds and faded browns are common choices to complement the reserved style.

  Not exclusive to the country  
This decor style evokes images of farmhouses and barns. Yet, it is — now more than ever — a great look for any home, whether it's surrounded by skyscrapers or livestock. Rustic style evokes a connection to nature that harks back to days of the past; a homey, earthy atmosphere that turns your space into a pleasant sanctuary away from the fast-moving world of digital screens and technology.
  The beauty's in the details  
The essential characteristics of rustic style vanities are found in the small details. Every nick or swirl of wood grain in the cabinet body adds character to the vanity, giving it personality. Distressed finishes often resemble colors found in nature, bringing the rejuvenating feeling of the outdoors into your bathroom.

  The old is new  
Rustic vanities have enduring, timeless appeal, but can still feature modern touches. For those who like industrial flair, these wood cabinets can be adorned with metal linings and sleek hardware to contrast its natural material. Pulls and handles will often have ornate detailing and dark, unrefined finishes.
  Versatility with bathroom decorating styles  
Incorporating accent pieces like mirrors with wood borders and distressed metal decorations will accentuate the vanity's rural look. They can also be used to contrast or complement contemporary styled rooms, particularly if they feature modern touches.

Rustic vanities are great for anyone with a fondness for the good old days, or for those with an understated sensibility. Reserved yet chic, this look will never go out of style.