Bohemian Style Guide For Home Decor

Bohemian style bathroom with 55" Dempsey Round Acrylic Freestanding Tub, Lentz Freestanding Tub Faucet in Brushed Gold Bohemian style bathroom with 55" Dempsey Round Acrylic Freestanding Tub, Lentz Freestanding Tub Faucet in Brushed Gold

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style, or boho style for short, is quite the opposite of minimalism, intermingling textures and colors for an eye-catching, exotic look that’s bold yet laid-back. Referencing the unconventional, nonconformist bohemian lifestyle, this style seeks to capture the essence of artists and creatives who march to the beat to their own drum.

Not strict to any specific style, bohemian interior design encourages homeowners to put their passions and individuality on full display without trying to perfectly match a certain design movement or era. While there is a lot of room to play with, to get the bohemian look in your home, there are a few key elements to get right.

How To Bring Boho Style Into Your Home

Put Together An Eclectic Color Palette

Often the first sign you’re in a bohemian space is its lively use of color. Filled with saturation and unexpected color pairings, boho designs are vibrant and bold. Jewel tones from lavish yellows to deep purples to energizing greens bring a global richness to any space, which can easily be introduced through furnishings and fixtures.

Greyfield Freestanding Tub Faucet in Brushed Gold for Bohemian style décor

Since this style is designed specifically around expressing oneself, be fearless with your main fixtures. As shown in our Bisbee Console Double Vanity with its fun blue-green shade, color creates an exciting opportunity to make a statement fully unique to you.

For striking contrast, using white or black sparingly proves to be very effective. For example, our Ridgeway Pull-Down Two-Tone Kitchen Faucet features a unique matte white finish with brushed gold accents, which makes any colorful surroundings pop.

Ridgeway Pull-Down Two-Tone Kitchen Faucet for bohemian style décor

Bring In Materials From Nature

Inspired by a free-spirited lifestyle, it only makes sense for nature to be an important aspect of bohemian design. Furniture constructed from wood, bamboo, and rattan are excellent organic materials to use; prioritize these over metal or other machine-made options whenever possible.

Our Acrewood Oval Wood Vanity Mirror, for instance, brings an inviting look to any room with its mango wood frame that truly stands out from more traditional options.

Complete the nature-inspired look with bohemian style décor composed of natural fibers like cotton or jute and, of course, add plenty of plants.

Bohemian style bathroom with the Acrewood Oval Wood Vanity Mirror in Natural Mango Wood, Calera Wall Sconce in Brushed Gold

Add Intrigue Through Texture

Another key characteristic of the bohemian design style is the intertwining of various textures. In your selections, look for interesting surface textures such as fluted woods, hammered metals, and woven accents.

As shown by the ridged wooden doors of our Ayanna Mindi Double Vanity and the hammered effect applied to our Raksha Double-Wall Hammered Copper Soaking Tub, these textural details add stunning visual interest and depth to any space.

Layer in lush upholstery like velvet and bring in the motifs of your favorite destinations around the globe through textiles like pillows, wall-hangings, and rugs to complete a dimensional oasis.

60" Ayanna Mindi Bohemian Bathroom Vanity in Natural Mindi

Embrace A Lived-in Look

An important piece to get right in a bohemian space is its relaxed look. Its boldness should be met with casual comfort—never appearing too formal. In addition to comfortable seating and cozy textiles, this can be achieved with aged metals.

Seek intentionally unfinished metals like copper, as shown by our Kembla Copper Farmhouse Sink, which will develop a lovely patina over time. Another excellent idea is to find finishes designed to appear aged, such as antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze.

Lastly, to pull off the lived-in look, consider mixing your metals. The same finish used throughout the whole room can feel quite calculated and stale; avoid this by using a few different yet complementary finishes between your faucets, cabinet hardware, and other accents.

Shop Oil-Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucets

Bohemian style kitchen with the 30" Kembla Copper Farmhouse Sink

Show Off Your Boho Spirit

You can’t have a bohemian space without décor. To keep your vintage treasures and unique artifacts always in sight, put them proudly on display with open shelving. Use decorative shelf brackets to not only support your shelves, but to serve as a final touch of boho décor themselves.

Terza Brass Shelf Brackets Set for Bohemian style décor

More Bohemian Home Décor Ideas

Boho Style Bathroom

Accompany the perfect boho bathroom vanity with a funky vanity mirror. Try going ultra-sleek with main fixtures and vintage-inspired for your bathroom accessories, or vice versa, for a truly eclectic look. Among vibrant colors and finishes, bring in a few matte black accents for a bold touch.

Rodino Solid Brass Round Cabinet Knob in Antique Brass, Victorian Widespread Bathroom Faucet in Chrome & a boho bathroom vanity

Boho Style Kitchen

Any kitchen can easily achieve a boho look by swapping out cabinet and drawer hardware. These little details add intrigue through unique materials and unexpected textures that can amp up spaces of any style; the more unique, the better.

Bohemian style kitchen with the Masella Solid Brass Cabinet Pull in Black Nickel and Satin Brass

Boho Living Room & Bedroom

For your boho style living room, it’s all about a grand entrance. Holding true for a boho style bedroom as well, choose door entrance sets, door knobs, and door hardware with intricate detailing, finishes, and textures to set the tone for the eclectic living room furniture and modern bohemian bedroom décor to come.

Bohemian style bedroom with the 78" Bowden Top-Mount Barn Door Hardware Kit in Black

Make Bohemian Style Your Own

If you often feel constrained or overwhelmed by design styles that require careful planning and matching, boho style may be just what you and your home need. Express yourself fully and freely by selecting furniture and fixtures that speak to you, with an endless variety available combining unmatched style with premium quality.

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