Art Deco Design: A Style Guide for Home Decor

Art deco style bathroom with 66" Sanford Black Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub with White Imperial Feet Art deco style bathroom with 66" Sanford Black Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub with White Imperial Feet

What is Art Deco?

Hailing from Paris, Art Deco is symbolic of sleek anti-traditional elegance, wealth, and sophistication. Inspired by the Cubism movement, this period favored clean, geometric shapes and contours along with innovative, high-end materials. Designers then accented the style’s linearity with rich, contrasting color choices—completing its highly intentional bold-meets-streamlined look.

Art Deco's popularity has survived through evolving interior design trends for a century now, resurfacing in mainstream culture due to the modern buyer’s fascination with ultra-clean layouts, simplicity, and striking colors.

Below, we take a deeper look at the defining elements of Art Deco interior design so you can perfect the look in your own space.

Art deco style dressing room with the Hanzell Single Light Pendant in Matte Black

How to Bring Art Deco into Your Home

Luxurious Materials

Regardless of the price tag and era, an Art Deco home projects a luxurious and exotic feel. If you are going with an Art Deco aesthetic, this can easily be achieved with traditionally upscale materials—especially those that are one-of-a-kind. Think natural stone, terrazzo, mother of pearl, and the like.

One of the most approachable natural stones, marble is countertop mainstay for any elevated home, but it can also be crafted into stunning vessel sinks. With no two exactly alike, our Curved Rectangle Carrara Marble Vessel Sink showcases this natural stone’s commanding yet elegant presence. For a moodier statement, consider our Hull Round Marble Vessel Sink, made from Dark Emperador marble.

When it comes to your Art Deco furniture pieces, opt for rich, premium woods like mahogany, which can be found from vanities to mirrors to even toilet seats. Other wood species are certainly welcome; simply focus on sturdy, well-made pieces and gravitate towards dark woods and finishes to reflect the era.

For a glamorous touch, dress your interior doors with crystal-clear knobs such as our Tama Solid Brass Interior Door Set, gleaming from every corner of its octagonal shape. When glass isn’t an attainable or practical option, materials like clear acrylic can achieve the same eye-catching effect.

Tama Solid Brass Interior Door Set in Polished Nickel for art deco interior design

Geometric Shapes & Patterns

A dominant component of Art Deco design, geometric designs like zigzags, trapezoids, chevrons, and sunbursts should make an appearance in your furnishings. The main idea here is creating a definition in your lines, which can be accomplished effortlessly in bathrooms using our Holmesdale Vanity and Tenaya Hexagonal Decorative Vanity Mirror. If space is limited, consider our Fircrest Vanity with Integral Sink, which packs a punch with its narrow depth using an eye-catching chevron inlay.

72" Holmesdale Vanity in Black, Greyfield Widespread Bathroom Faucet in Gunmetal, Tenaya Hexagonal Decorative Vanity Mirror

When displaying treasures old and new, shelf brackets present the perfect opportunity for bringing in classic Art Deco motifs. Along with intricate floor registers, these often-overlooked details are available in numerous geometric styles that will seamlessly pull your vision all throughout the home.

Regardless of which patterns you choose, they should be used in moderation, as this style comes with a sense of refinement. If your furnishings are quite busy with pattern, for example, consider more simplistic flooring and wall treatments, and vice versa.

For Art Deco silhouettes, sleek and angular shapes fit along seamlessly with the style’s geometric patterns. Overall, it’s best to stick to similar silhouettes throughout the same space, with classic ornamentation reserved for the smaller details. Try selecting accents from a coordinating collection such as our Berwyn Collection to easily and effectively unify your statement-making pieces and patterns.

Wicker Style Solid Brass Shelf Bracket in Antique Brass for art deco home

High Contrast Color Palette

For a proper visual introduction to Art Deco design, look to the films “The Great Gatsby” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” What you instantly recognize in these movie sets are the color palettes—rich with sharp, contrasting shades of black and white, elegant silvers and lavish golds, deep yellows and light blushes, along with bold yet carefully used jewel tones.

To get this uniquely refined look in your space, mimic these effects with striking two-tone fixtures like our Lena Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub. Featured in black with a white interior, its high contrast colorway instantly commands the room.

Filled with highly reflective and lacquered surfaces, an Art Deco color palette can be curated through your metals as well. To bring in those gleaming silvers and golds, seek smooth, shiny finishes from polished nickel or brass to brushed nickel or gold.

To stand up to your more colorful selections, consider adding a pop of matte black into your space. Matte black fixtures such as our Hurston Pull-Down Bridge Kitchen Faucet and Torun Fireclay Farmhouse Sink add a bold yet timeless quality wherever they’re placed, beautifully supporting muted and vibrant hues alike.

33" Torun Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in Matte Black for art deco kitchen

Reflect the Era Through Mirrors

When it comes to impactful accents in an Art Deco space, not much tops an eye-catching mirror. Reflecting their surroundings, mirrors can turn any underutilized wall into a glitzy surface—all while aiding in a variety of functions from getting ready to visually enlarging tight spaces.

While frameless mirrors offer a sleek, refined look, one with an intriguing frame might add the wow-factor you’ve been looking for. For those who love a glam moment, consider a lighted mirror or lighted medicine cabinet. Incorporating a soft halo of light along their perimeter as seen in our Faysel Oval Lighted Mirror, these accents brighten up the room for maximum Art Deco flair and functionality.

Art deco style bathroom with the Faysel Oval Lighted Mirror in Matte Black Powder Coat

Don't Forget the Jewelry

Offered in endless luxe options to perfectly suit your desired look, it’s no wonder cabinet hardware is considered the jewelry of the home. By subjecting these small details to the same style guidelines as above, you can easily transform large built-ins and furniture pieces alike into Art Deco-approved statement pieces—no major overhaul needed.

Complete your Art Deco space with our curated selection of high-quality hardware:

Grohl Hammered Cabinet Pull, Tree Bark Pattern Round Cabinet Knob in Satin Brass, Pilkington Cabinet Pull
in Golden Champagne
Anaise Circle Cabinet Knob in Black and White Terrazzo
Anaise Circle Cabinet Knob
Quintus Pentagon Brass Knob in Polished Brass
Quintus Pentagon Brass Knob
Jarek Square Cabinet Knob in White Marbleand Satin Brass
Jarek Square Cabinet Knob
Kumano Black Mother-of-Pearl Drawer Pull
Kumano Black Mother-of-Pearl Drawer Pull
Sharber Clear Glass Cabinet Knob in Golden Champagne
Sharber Clear Glass Cabinet Knob
Clanora Acrylic Cabinet Pull in Rose and Polished Nickel
Clanora Acrylic Cabinet Pull
Frayser Brass Cabinet Knob with Gold Glass Inlay in Satin Brass
Frayser Brass Cabinet Knob with Gold Glass Inlay

Art Deco Design Tips By Room

Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Homeowners should play with contrast in smaller spaces like bathrooms, making them the perfect choice for incorporating Art Deco design. Since this style loves a statement, go bold with your vanity through a dramatic color or intriguing geometric inlay (or even both).

Complete the setup with a striking marble countertop or vessel sink, and of course, an eye-catching Art Deco mirror. Alternatively, console sinks are another option for evoking the era while conserving space.

Moving onto those metallic surfaces found all throughout the bathroom, utilize these for contrast. Using those lavish gold tones or sultry silvers, choose a bathroom collection that pops among its surroundings while unifying the room through finish and silhouette.

For primary bathrooms, consider a clawfoot tub, which exudes luxury and decadence with gilded, delicately detailed feet.

Art deco bathroom with the 24" Cierra Console Sink with Brass Stand in Polished Nickel, Greyfield Widespread Faucet in Chrome

Art Deco Kitchen Ideas

Transporting your kitchen to the Art Deco era is all about creating a mood. Start by putting together a statement-worthy sink setup, prioritizing tonal contrast and a sleek look. For the ultimate pairing, we love a high-shine kitchen faucet with a matte black sink or, the reverse, a matte black kitchen faucet with a glossy farmhouse sink.

If you’re designing a classy wet bar, these same ideas can be applied to your sink setup there, with smaller-sized bar faucets and prep sinks available in the same stunning styles to help you complete your entertainer’s dream.

Beyond color palette, be sure to show off what draws you to Art Deco with intriguing cabinet hardware. Used across your cabinetry, these finishing touches will truly make the room your own while connecting even the most open floorplans.

Lastly, if your kitchen features any open shelving, choose from a wide selection of shelf brackets to bring in your favorite Art Deco patterns.

Art deco style kitchen with the Hurston Pull-Down Bridge Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Gold, Strasbourg Cabinet Pull in Satin Brass

Is Art Deco Your Signature Style?

Now that you’re acquainted with Art Deco’s unapologetic opulence, are you ready to bring it into your home? If you’re drawn to its contrasting colors, sleek shapes, and high-end textures, be intentional with your product choices. Find those constructed of highly durable materials and premium finishes to ensure your Art Deco abode can be enjoyed for the ages.

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