5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen


Kitchens serve as the unofficial gathering spot in most homes. Unfortunately, what gathers is often more than food and family. Nothing discourages meal prep like clutter and mess. By placing frequently used items in strategic places and simplifying storage, you'll spend less time searching and stressing in the heart of your home. Here are five simple ways to organize your kitchen:

1. Organize Everything into Kitchen "Zones"

  The first step to organizing your kitchen for faster access is to think of the room as four different zones: cooking, storage, pantry, and dining.

• The
cooking zone resides around the stove and prep area. It typically contains cutting boards, knives, and pans.
• The
storage zone is located near the sink. This is where you find your plates, glasses, cups, and bowls. Other items in this zone are storage containers and colanders.
• The
pantry zone is a great place to organize types of foods. Canned food, cereal, and quick, weeknight dinner ideas are easier to find when grouped by category.
• The
dining zone is the area where you eat most of your meals. Too often, a kitchen table or island becomes a gathering spot for mail, craft supplies, laptops, and homework. Use placemats and an attractive tablecloth to make it inviting for dinner—not clutter. Place baskets or other storage solutions in high-traffic areas like mudrooms or entryways so items are accessible when needed, then easy to tuck away when expecting company.

2. Declutter Countertops

Kitchen countertops are prime real estate in any kitchen. Frequently used items such as coffee makers and other small appliances deserve space here. Jars with large utensils are also a great fit for countertops. Remove and store items that you don’t use frequently to free up valuable counter space.

Bonus Tip: Give your countertops a quick wipe down every day to keep them free from spots, crumbs, and germs.

3. Solve the Great Plastic Lid Mystery

  Who hasn't opened a cabinet only to experience an avalanche of plastic lids and containers? Organize lids and containers using a filing system. HomeAdvisor has a creative solution for organizing lids and containers using a filing system where you section a drawer or cabinet into zones using tension rods to file items according to size or color.

Bonus Tip: Only store matching containers with both lids and bodies in the cabinet. If the lid is lost or if the lid is all you have, discard the unmatched item or repurpose it so that it doesn’t take up useful cabinet space.

4. Use Door Space

  Attaching an organizer to the inside of a cabinet door is a great way to use space. Use a modified shoe organizer or magazine rack for quick organization fixes. For a cleaner look, have a custom cabinet builder install matching storage racks, pull-our drawers or Lazy Susans to give your newfound organization more longevity.  

5. Hang it Up

Not everything in your kitchen has to be shoved into a drawer or cabinet. Hang aprons on a wall hook and away from the stove. Pots and pans are also examples of items you can hang. Hang a favorite and most-used pot or skillet within easy reach of the stove.

Decorative hooks add a nice touch, are a great way to clear clutter, and make frequently used items easily accessible. Whether your kitchen is farmhouse, French, eclectic, or modern, there are all kinds of storage solutions available to match the style of your kitchen.

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