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Glam Style 101: How to Get the Look in Your Home


Glam Style 101: How to Get the Look in Your Home
What exactly is glam? Glam is an interior design style that’s ornate, extravagant, and strikes the perfect balance of opulence and functionality. People know it when they see it, but many are unaware of all the elements that make up the look. The style uses elaborate detailing, luxurious fabrics, and metallics to help create memorable spaces. Have no idea where to start? That’s okay! We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to incorporate glam into your living space.

From Bland to Glam

Now that you know what the style is, it’s time to brighten up your home by adding a touch of glam.

Go Bold with Gold Accents

Tired of having a boring look in your home? Looking for that special something to make it pop? Incorporating gold accents is the perfect way to give your space a luxury feel without overpowering the room.
  Gold Tub Feet  

Be Dramatic with Lighting

When it comes to glam, lighting is typically dramatic and is an easy way to incorporate the style into your home. Add lights that either include crystals, polished metallics, or reflective metals and you’re good to go.
  Round Pendant Light  

Add a Statement Piece

Every glam space needs a statement piece, whether it’s furniture, lighting, art, or accents. Make sure your statement piece has some of those glamorous qualities, such as gold leaf, or something with a little shine.
Pro tip: If you don’t know what kind of statement piece to add, you can never go wrong with a mirror. They’re easy to swap out, so you can really test the waters of glam before deciding on something a little more permanent.
  Round Statment Mirror  

Be Simple and Clean with Polished Surfaces

A benchmark characteristic of glam is its refined and sleek look from smooth, polished surfaces. A lucite, lacquer, or reflective surface is the perfect way to rejuvenate conventional rooms. Remember, glam is a balance between flashy and refined.
Pro tip: Marble and gold is the perfect glam combination! The two complement each other well and will look stunning in any space.
  Cararra Marble Trough Sink  

Glitz It Up

Glam is all about making your home sparkle and shine. Start off by adding mixed metals, glitter, or metallic pieces to give your space that extra flair you’ve been looking for.
  Console Sink with Polished Brass Faucet  

From Glam to Luxe Glam

Now that you know the glam basics, it’s time to glam out your home.

Go Art Deco Glam

Art deco is basically glam’s cousin. The style is bold and metropolitan, and includes patterns and lines that are sleek, symmetrical, and geometric. It’s also very reminiscent of Old Hollywood and Hollywood Regency.
  Art Deco Floor Register  

Moody Glamour

While glam is often associated with light colors such as white, gray, cream, soft pinks, or glitter, it can also be dark and moody. Glam looks amazing with black, especially when paired with metal accents. For more tips, check out 6 tips for decorating with dark decor.
Pro tip: Black and gold is another excellent glam combination. This color duo is the perfect way to give your space that classic, memorable look.
  Black Wallpaper Behind Bathtub  

Details Are Everything

Details matter when it comes to going full-on glam. This can range from detailed embellishments and textiles to trims, furniture, and hardware. Adding these ornate details will really make the interior of your home stand out. Textures are also another way to add more detail to your home.
  Gold Hardware Collage  

Modern…But Make It Glam

Modern glamour is a popular trend that combines elements from both modern and glam design styles. Execute the look by using clean lines paired with metallic accents. Remember to add those clean and polished surfaces too.
Pro tip: When lighting up the space, use more glam lighting and glam statement pieces to give your space that extra push towards being more glam than modern.
  Round Ceiling Light  

Use Patterns

Incorporating patterns into your home is an easy way to really capture the glam aesthetic. Stick to glam-like patterns such as art deco, bold prints, damask, and geometric designs.
  Geometric Pattern Wallpaper  
Whether you’re trying to add a little something extra, or you’re looking to try out a completely new style in your home, glam is a great way to bring that “wow” factor into your living space. Not feeling the glamour? Check out these other design styles to see if they’re more up your alley.
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