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Lagom Living: Finding Balance & Style in Your Home


Lagom Living: Finding Balance & Style in Your Home
As people explore ways to simplify their lives, we’ve noticed one word that continues to pop up: lagom. Pronounced "law-gum," the word originates from the Scandinavian country of Sweden, and means “not too much, not too little—just right.” Balance is key, and it applies to all aspects of life, from cuisine and careers to decor. When it comes to lagom living, using the less-is-more approach is best. Here are some tips to learn how to bring the lifestyle into every space.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

  A clean space yields a clear mind. Get rid of items you don’t use, keeping only the essentials. Employing the principles of minimalism and allowing space for items that have purpose will leave your home feeling functional and organized.  
  Bathroom with a freestanding tub, vanity , light and mirrors.  
  Bathroom with a freestanding tub, vanity , light and mirrors.  

Savor Natural Light

  Whether through windows or soothing neutrals, bringing light into the room creates a calm, relaxing ambiance. Keep things open by using sheer curtains, and add decor that complements natural light.  
  Living room with lots of natural light.  

Welcome Natural Elements

  Use wood and plants throughout the room to add subtle touches of texture and color. One large plant or a couple of small ones will do. Sensible placement and selections will keep things understated and away from moving too far in the direction of boho style.  
  Osa Bathroom Vanity with vessel sinks.  
  Winifred bathtub  

Keep Things Cozy

  Lagom represents the perfect balance of comfort and beauty. Real, livable spaces provide utility and relaxation while speaking to your style. Well-placed rugs and the occasional throw blanket make all the difference.  
  Winifred bathtub  
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