Tub Drain Buying Guide


Much like bathroom drains, tub drains are available in a variety of styles (press and seal, lift and turn, etc.). Tub drains are also available with or without overflow openings; overflow tub drains are a more complex than their bathroom counterparts. Overflow requirements are typically determined by city and/or state building codes. Check the local codes in your area before starting a renovation to be sure that all inspections will be passed without any problems.

Straight Drains

  Straight drains install and operate essentially in the same way as sink drains. Where sink drains connect to P-traps beneath the sink or countertop, straight tub drains connect directly to a hub adaptor or metal drain pipe in the floor. Installation in fairly simple and can be performed by most DIYers. Straight drains are available in many finishes and styles to compliment any decor.  

Tower Drain

  Tower drains are used with clawfoot tubs with overflow openings. These drains have a pop-up release that is activated by a lever on the top of the drain pipe. Tower drains are usually placed at the back of the tub, so drain location will determine if this drain is a good option for you.  

Extended Straight Drain with Swivel Head Overflow

  The extended straight drain with swivel head overflow comes with a press and seal drain and press and seal overflow cover. This drain style has a Signature Hardware exclusive design that can be opened to prevent overflow water from spilling onto the floor or closed to achieve greater water depth. The swivel head feature on this drain makes it very versatile, as it can be paired with most freestanding tubs, regardless of tub shape and thickness. The drain pipes can be cut to length for a perfect fit for your application.  

Extended Straight Drain

  The extended straight drain is available in three options; press and seal, lift and turn, or chain and plug. These drains are used with freestanding tubs of varying styles and materials. Since this drain is external, meaning all of the pipes are visible, you should search for a finish that will match or complement the existing bathroom finishes.