What is a wet room?


A wet room blurs the line between the tub and shower to accommodate bathing and showering in the same area. The shower tray and enclosure are removed to open the space, while all flooring and drains are flush throughout to create one cohesive room. As people look for ways to make their homes more personalized, they are turning to this contemporary layout to meet their needs.

Wet Room Benefits

  By removing the shower enclosure, you can walk right in and not worry about a shower tray or any raised tiling. This makes wet rooms a great fit for those looking to age in place or in need of ADA-compliant solutions.  
   Great for Small Spaces  
  Wet rooms work in spaces of all sizes, even those with limited square feet. With a clever layout and space-saving fixtures, it can really open up the room.  
   Easy to Clean  
  Having everything in one large area lessens the number of corners and crevices, making it easier to wipe things down. Properly built wet rooms are waterproofed and sealed to protect against mold and mildew, so maintenance is relatively simple.  

Things to Consider

   Things Will Get Wet  
  Without a shower enclosure, you can expect water to end up in various places around the room. Place towels, linens, and liquid-sensitive accessories out of pathways that could get them wet.  
   Room Materials  
  Durable materials are a must. Select nonporous tiling that slopes slightly toward the drain to remove as much water as possible. As for paint, most water-resistant options not only protect against moisture, they can also help resist mold and mildew.  
   Wet Room Hardware  
  Use rust-resistant fixtures that can withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations. Select shower drains that coordinate with the layout of the room. If you have the shower positioned in the center of the wet room, a linear drain may be your best options. If your shower is in the corner of the room, a square shower drain paired with a triangular or L-shaped linear drain could be the most effective.  
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