A Look into Resist the Boring’s Coney Island Cottage

Coney Island Cottage renovated by Tim & Chris of Resist the Boring Coney Island Cottage renovated by Tim & Chris of Resist the Boring

To say the least, Tim and Chris wear quite a few hats. While maintaining their everyday jobs, they turned their passion for interior design into another full-time gig—aptly named Resist the Boring.

Beloved radio host (Tim) and realtor extraordinaire (Chris) by day and home renovators by night, they chose a small Cincinnati-area home for their most recent project. Dubbed the “Coney Island Cottage," the two-bedroom brick abode had a lot of potential, and the couple couldn't wait to see their ideas for it come to life.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Resist the Boring duo to learn more about the home and how it all came together.

Tim & Chris of Resist the Boring cooking in a kitchen

Tell us a little about The Coney Island Cottage.

Tim: It's a petite house situated just east of Cincinnati, just a short walk away from neighborhood shops and restaurants. It's near a popular local amusement park called Coney Island, hence the name.

Chris: At its core, the home is mid-century modern in style. The rest of the design was built around that. There are hints of coastal, art deco, and rustic influences to add a bit of variety.

Living room designed by Resist the Boring

What made you want to choose this home to revamp?

Chris: We saw opportunity with this house. It had a lot of character, a lot of which we felt we could retain. For example, we kept the bathroom's original flooring and tub but updated the other plumbing and lighting to celebrate the home's original style while adding elements that brought it up to date.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when renovating?

Chris: Space was a big challenge for us. When we first purchased the home, it had a wall between the living room and the kitchen, which made everything feel really cramped and closed off. So, we removed it.

Tim: The bathroom originally had a door that swung inward and hit the toilet. We decided the best solution would be to install a pocket door to remedy that problem while conserving space and making the bathroom feel larger.

Kitchen designed by Resist the Boring with Steyn Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout, Barrus Brass Cup Pull in Matte Black Kitchen designed by Resist the Boring with Steyn Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout, Barrus Brass Cup Pull in Matte Black

What's your favorite element of the home?

Tim: The railroad tie mantel. It's unique. It adds a sense of rustic style to the home without looking out of place.

Chris: The door hardware is a favorite of mine. The detailing on the metal looks cool and grabs your attention. Also, the backsplash behind the stove. The design and shade we chose complement the color scheme and style of the home.

Rice Mortise Lock Set

Coney Island Cottage Product Details

Now let’s take a deeper look at the thoughtfully selected fixtures throughout the Coney Island Cottage.

In the Kitchen

In creating a cottage kitchen with a hint of glam, Tim and Chris went all-in with a black sink setup. Adding contrast to light, airy surroundings, a spring-spout kitchen faucet in matte black is joined by our Holcomb Drop-In Granite Composite Sink.

More than just eye-catching, matte black’s unique light-absorbing quality hides smudges, fingerprints, and water spots unlike any other finish, making it incredibly easy to care for—perfect for a busy kitchen. Used with a black sink, this deliberate choice adds the perfect touch of drama.

Steyn Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout in Matte Black, 30" Holcomb Drop-In Granite Composite Sink in Black

The cabinet hardware seamlessly ties the space together, with our Barrus Brass Cup Pulls serving as both the cabinet doors and drawers, adding a cohesive yet highly functional effect. Chosen in a black finish, these small details cleverly mingle this bold neutral all through the room.

For a statement-making entrance, the couple chose an ornate door set to join a cozy French blue door. This combination turned the entryway into more than a means for entering and exiting the home but, rather, a truly transportive moment.

Barrus Brass Cup Pull in Matte Black

In the Bathroom

For this full bath, Tim and Chris opted for classically detailed fixtures. Our Cierra Console Sink helps maximize the space in this petite bathroom while its exposed pipe brass stand brings in undeniable vintage charm. Paired with our Teapot Centerset Bathroom Faucet, its quaint cross-handle details complete a timeless look.

The classic elements carry into the tub-shower combo, sprinkled with a dose of modern luxury. Our Glenley Pressure Balance Tub and Shower Set imparts a simple, understated look while behind the scenes, pressure balance technology ensures the water temperature is steadily maintained at the user’s preference.

Teapot Centerset Bathroom Faucet - Cross Handles in Brushed Nickel

From style to finish, these metal fixtures achieve a cohesive look, with their shared brushed nickel surfaces emitting a smooth, satisfying look with plenty of shine.

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