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How To Install an Undermount Sink

In this video, Tom from Signature Hardware walks you through the process of installing an undermount sink.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Tom from Signature Hardware. Today I’m going to show you how to attach an undermount sink to a stone countertop.

For demonstration purposes, I am going to be resting the countertop on one of our console sink stands.

We’re going to need a couple of tools for the job; a large towel, a pencil, silicone sealant and a damp cloth.

Carefully turn the countertop over so that it rests upside down on your towel.

Position the sink over the sink cutout on the counter. Make sure the sink is centered with the faucet hole and is evenly spaced between the bolt holes.

Once the ideal position is determined, trace an outline of the sink on the countertop.

Lift the sink from the countertop and apply a bead of silicone around the rim.

Carefully place the sink upside down on the countertop, positioning it within the outline.

Attach the sink clips and wing bolts and tighten snugly.

Carefully lift and place the counter on the sink stand.

If you need to reposition the sink, loosen the wing bolts, adjust the sink and retighten the bolts.

Remove any excess silicone with your damp cloth.

Allow the silicone to dry for 24 hours.

That’s it! Your undermount sink installation is complete.

To see more of our bathroom sinks and vanities and get answers to any additional questions visit us at signaturehardware.com, or call customer service at 1-866-855-2284.