Paying it Forward: Old House Adam's Drive By DIY Series

Adam and Jessica Miller from Old House Adam in a kitchen Adam and Jessica Miller from Old House Adam in a kitchen

Today, TikTok has become a top pitstop for all things design inspiration. Whether you’re looking for quick, easy-to-approach DIYs or problem-solving tips, the short video platform is not lacking in content. So when creator and DIYer Adam Miller (@OldHouseAdam) began documenting his heartfelt home upgrade, it was no surprise that his journey went viral.

To set the scene, Adam and his wife, Jessica, bought her childhood home just a few years ago. The historic house was in rough shape and was in jeopardy of falling into disrepair. From the interior to the exterior, Adam and his wife have spent nearly every day pouring love into its walls and creating a dream home for their family. Fast-forward to now, the Millers’ story stole the hearts of over 1.8 million followers—and while this project is far from being completed, Adam decided to take on an all-new endeavor to help others in his community.

rustic kitchen with farmhouse sink and pendant lights rustic kitchen with farmhouse sink and pendant lights

Drive By DIY, a series from Adam and Signature Hardware, features the Millers going from house to house and upgrading it for the better. No matter the scale of the project, Adam’s old-house expertise and Jessica’s love for interior design combine to help their neighbors get one step closer to achieving their dream homes for free.

From simple hardware upgrades to gut renovations, see how our products played a role in Drive By DIY below:

Rachel’s Outdated Bathroom Demo

First on Adam’s agenda was his sister-in-law, Rachel’s upstairs bathroom. Rachel wanted to make sure her home was in tip-top shape before she tried to sell it. From the bright yellow walls to the low-quality fixtures, the bathroom was in desperate need of some TLC.

Following a full demolition, Adam ripped up the old tile and replaced it with something more current, and paired it with elegant beadboard along the walls. Gray paint and finishing touches, such as our Burleson console sink, Engle bathroom faucet, and Dolwick exposed pipe shower, topped off the look for a scene that is much easier on the eyes and ready to hit the market.

bathroom with exposed pipe shower

Kelly’s Perfect Built-In Upgrade

One of the best parts of old houses is often the built-ins that come with them. A stunning original detail to the home, Adam thought his neighbor Kelly’s cabinet doors could use just a hint of something new. After deciding on dressing them up with our Mini and Beaded Brass cremone bolts, Adam took these built-ins to another level.

cabinet doors with gold cremone bolts

“I think just by changing one thing, it really influences the outlook on where you live. And a lot of times, it will inspire you to do even more.”

-Adam Miller

Marie’s New Kitchen Centerpiece

It’s no secret that even the smallest details can make a huge impact on a home—and the same sentiment rings true for Adam and Jessica’s neighbor, Marie. While her house already feels up-to-date and fresh, a new kitchen faucet made all the difference in her space. Complete with pull-down functionality, our Finnian faucet is sure to streamline her kitchen for years to come.

“I wasn't expecting it to be such a big transformation. It made a night and day difference.”

Jennifer’s Stunning Kitchen Ceiling

There’s nothing worse than when your home gets a leak. Luckily for Jennifer, Adam and co. were quick to clean up the aftermath in her kitchen. While the leak itself had been repaired, Adam scraped the old paint off the ceiling and installed a statement lighting fixture to complete the space. Perfect for ambiance and practicality, our Fairview chandelier serves as the perfect overhead touch.

“Lighting changes the entire feel of a room. So when we put in that big, oversized pendant light, it made the ceiling a statement piece, instead of something that was just average.”

-Jessica Miller

A Lost-Cause Turned At-Home Oasis

Another complete gut demolition, Adam’s other sister-in-law’s bathroom was due for a total makeover.

72" Novak Double Vanity, Lentz Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Brushed Gold 72" Novak Double Vanity, Lentz Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Brushed Gold

Full of water damage and other issues, this space required structural upgrades and aesthetic changes. After Adam made sure everything was safe and sound, Jessica outfitted the space with mid-century-inspired centerpieces, such as our Novak vanity, for a look that feels both timeless and trendy. A pair of Lentz widespread faucets top off the look and our Dolwick exposed shower continues the space’s enduring appeal.

While this season of Drive By DIY has come to a close, Adam and Jessica continue to take their talent to TikTok and document their old house renovations. Be sure to stay tuned and see what else this power couple has in store.

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