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How To Clean A Clogged Shower Valve Cartridge Video

Over time, mineral deposits and debris from your water supply can clog shower cartridges, resulting in a loss of pressure or temperature. These cartridges are easily accessed and cleaned using a few simple tools and a natural household cleaner that’s probably already under your kitchen sink.

Video Transcription

How To Clean A Clogged Shower Valve Cartridge

Step 1: Remove handle and trim piece from the front of the valve body.

Step 2: Remove the bonnet nut.

Step 3: Tighten screws to stop water flow.

Step 4: With channel lock pliers or hex wrench, unthread the cartridge and remove from valve body.

Step 5: Soak the cartridge in white vinegar for an hour. Remove and rinse thoroughly in water.

Step 6: Open the cold water side of the valve to flush the opening. Turn the valve just enough to let the water flow gently. Use a large bucket to catch the water or direct the water down.

Step 7: Replace valve, tighten temperature stop, and reattach trim and handle.