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Product Recall

16-Inch Wide Wall-Mounted Folding Teak Shower Seat (December 2018)

Q: Which product is being recalled?
A: Signature Hardware is voluntarily recalling units of a 16-inch wide wall-mounted folding teak shower seat (SKU number 917726) distributed by Signature Hardware. The shower seat has 3 teak slats and a brushed nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze finish on the support rods and bracket covers. The recalled seat has two wall-mounting brackets.

Signature Hardware sells other models of teak wall-mounted folding shower seats that have wider seats or a single wall-mounting bracket. These seats are not being recalled.

Q: Why are the Teak Shower Seats being recalled?
A: Signature Hardware is voluntarily recalling the 16-inch wide wall-mounted folding teak shower seat in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada because the aluminum hardware supporting the seat can corrode and cause the seat to break, posing fall and laceration hazards.

Q: How do I know if my Teak Shower Seat is affected by the recall?
A: The recalled shower seat has 3 teak slats and a brushed nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze finish on the support rods and bracket covers. The seat measures 16 inches wide and has two wall-mounting brackets. The distance between the center of the two wall-mounting brackets is 11.75 inches. SKU number 917726 is printed on purchase receipts and email order confirmations. There are no numbers or labels on the shower seat itself.

Q: When and where were these shower seats sold?
A: The recalled shower seats were sold primarily by Signature Hardware online and by telephone between January 2011 and July 2018, and through Barclay Products and Ferguson showrooms.

Q: How do I participate/register for the recall?
A: If you believe you have a recalled shower seat, please stop use immediately. Please call Signature Hardware toll-free at 1-866-855-2284 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, and noon to 6 p.m. ET on Sunday to register to participate in the recall. After you register, you will need to remove the shower seat and brackets from the wall, write the identification number that we will provide to you on the wooden seat, using a dark marker, and send us a photo that shows both the entire uninstalled seat and the ID number. (Instructions on how to submit the photo are below.) After we receive the photo and verify that the ID number matches the one we provide you, we will send you a refund in the amount of the purchase price for the seat, based on our record of the sale to you or your valid receipt.

Q: I’ve registered and submitted a photo of my uninstalled, marked shower seat. How long will it take to receive my refund?
A: Once your registration is complete and verified, we expect that you will receive a refund in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Q: What if I own more than one of the recalled shower seats?
A: If you own more than one recalled shower seat, we will process each shower seat individually.

Q: My shower seat appears to be fine. Can I continue to use it?
A: No, for your safety, if you have a recalled shower seat, please stop use immediately and register to participate in the voluntary recall by calling Signature Hardware toll-free at 1-866-855-2284.

Q: Why do I have to uninstall and mark my shower seat in order to get the refund?
A: Uninstalling your recalled shower seat and sending us a photo of the marked seat are necessary to receive your refund. Uninstalling the shower seat allows us to ensure that the shower seat will not be used again and removes the risk of injury. Marking the seat will help prevent the seat from being installed by someone else. Please note, it is illegal to resell a recalled product.

Q: How do I uninstall my recalled shower seat?
A: First, you will need to register for the voluntary recall. Then, follow the removal instructions available here. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-866-855-2284.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable uninstalling the shower seat myself and need to hire someone else to remove it?
A: Signature Hardware will pay labor costs up to a total of $300 to remove the shower seats, for eligible consumers who are unwilling or unable to remove the seat themselves. To receive a refund for the labor cost to remove the recalled seat:

• First, register for the recall.
• Next, email the following information to support@signaturehardware.com: (i) a photo that shows the entire uninstalled seat with the ID number you’ll receive upon registering for the recall, and (ii) a valid receipt for the labor cost to remove the seat.

Upon receiving and verifying this information, Signature Hardware will reimburse labor costs up to $300 to remove the recalled shower seat.

Q: What happens if I don’t send in a picture of my uninstalled recalled shower seat?
A: In order to receive a refund, you need to register for the recall and then provide a photograph of the uninstalled seat marked with the identification number we give you.

Q: How do I provide the required photo or other documents to Signature Hardware to participate in the recall?
A: There are two options to submit the photo after registering for the recall:

1. Send it to us by email at support@signaturehardware.com, with the subject line "Shower Seat Recall".
2. Finally, you can also send us a printed photo to the following address:

Signature Hardware
c/o Shower Seat Recall
2700 Crescent Springs Pk
Erlanger, KY 41017