How To Install A Floating Wall-Mount Vanity


how to install a wall-mount vanity
We recommend consulting with a professional if you are unfamiliar with installing bathroom fixtures.
For the following installation instructions, it is assumed that any old fixtures have been removed and that the water supply lines and drain pipe are in place.
Tools and Materials:



Tape Measure


Stud Finder
   Step 1  
  Determine your vanity placement and mark the area on the wall where it will be installed.  
   Step 2  
  Locate and mark the location of the studs to which you will fasten your vanity. You can find studs by listening for a solid sound as you knock on the wall or by using a stud finder.

Note: If the studs in your bathroom do not line up to the mounting location for your vanity, wood blocking can be installed between the studs using standard 2 x 4’s.
   Step 3  
  Thread the mounting hardware through the mounting rail and attach to the wall. Make sure that the vanity is level before fully securing.  
   Step 4  
  Once the vanity is securely attached to the wall, finish the installation by attaching any drawers or doors, if not already attached.