How to Install An Alcove Tub


how to install an alcove tub
The following procedures are general instructions for installing a standard alcove tub. Please refer to your specific tub's installation manual, as it may have its own requirements. Observe all local plumbing and building codes. Consult a professional if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with installing this type of product.

Preparation: Ensure that the floor is level and can support a load of 80lbs. per square foot. An uneven floor may impede proper installation of the tub. Clean the installation area of any debris or trash. Locate studs as needed. Ensure rough-in dimensions are proper, plumb, and square. If there are any gaps between the base of the tub and the floor, shims or mortar must be used for proper installation.
Tools and Materials:

Silicone Sealant (100% Neutral Cure)

Tape Measure


Safety Glasses

Pipe Wrench



Drop Cloth

1"x4" Boards

Thinset Mortar

Construction Adhesive

Wood Shims
   Step 1  
  Position the tub into the installation opening and level the deck in both directions, shimming the base of the tub if necessary. Mark the final position of the underside of the deck by tracing a line onto the studs.  
   Step 2  
  Remove the tub and attach a 1"x4" stringer to the studs, with the top of the stringer touching the traced line. Never support the tub by its deck lip or stringers.  
   Step 3  
  Install drain components into the tub following the drain's installation instructions. The drain/overflow of the tub extends below the bottom of the tub.  
   Step 4  
  If not already in place, prepare the in-floor drain. A 6"x12" floor opening is required for the 1-1/2" drain and waste overflow kit.  
   Step 5  
  The tub must be supported along its entire bottom. Use 1-1/2" to 2" of mortar as bedding material
(do not use sand or foam).
   Step 6  
  After the mortar has been poured, and before it sets, position the tub within the recess until the rim is leveled against the stringers.  
   Step 7  
  Nail the flange along the top of the tub rim to the surrounding studs, to secure the tub in place. Allow at least 8 hours for the mortar to dry.  
   Step 8  
  Proceed to the installation of flashing, drywall, or cement board to prepare for the installation of tile or tub surround.