How to Install A Recessed Medicine Cabinet


how to Install A Recessed Medicine Cabinet
A recessed medicine cabinet needs to be anchored inside the wall to rectangular framing. This framing must be clear of all obstructions. If there are any wires or plumbing lines that cannot be relocated you will need to install a surface-mount cabinet, rather than a recessed cabinet. We recommend consulting a professional if you are unfamiliar with this type of installation. Signature Hardware accepts no liability for any damage to the cabinet or wall, or for personal injury during installation.
Tools and Materials:



Utility Knife

Keyhole or Reciprocating Saw


Wood Screws

Wood Shims

Tape Measure
   Step 1  
  To cut the hole for your recessed cabinet, center the cabinet above the sink at the appropriate height and draw a leveled outline of your cabinet on the wall.  
   Step 2  
  Score the outline with a utility knife and level. After the area is scored, cut out the area with a keyhole or reciprocating saw and remove the drywall.  
   Step 3  
  When the space has been cleared of all obstructions, firmly attach horizontal 2 x 4 blocking to the vertical wall studs with wood screws to create the framing for your cabinet. Make sure the drywall is secured to the edge of the wall studs, inserting screws as necessary.  
   Step 4  
  Remove the medicine cabinet door(s), set aside and slide the medicine cabinet into place. Verify that the cabinet is level; use shims to adjust as necessary.  
   Step 5  
  When the cabinet is in the proper position, secure to the wall with the provided mounting hardware (drill pilot holes for the screws if needed).  
   Step 6  
  When your medicine cabinet is securely in place, finish your installation by reattaching the cabinet door(s).