How To Install A Farmhouse Sink


how to Install A Farmhouse Sink
Before you begin your installation, read the entire installation instructions. Be sure to observe all local plumbing and building codes.
Use assistance when lifting the sink in order to avoid personal injury. We recommend consulting a professional if you are unfamiliar with installing kitchen fixtures and plumbing.
Tools and Materials:

Safety Glasses

Framing Square

Tape Measure

Wood Braces



Support Frames



Silcone Sealant*
Installation Options
We recommend undermount sink installation. Flush-mount and built-up installation are not ideal for farmhouse sink installation.
Before installing your farmhouse sink, make sure there is adequate room for the faucet and backsplash installations.
   Prepare the Cabinet  
  Farmhouse sinks may require custom cabinetry. We recommend consulting an experienced cabinet maker for assistance. Providing the cabinet maker with the actual sink that will be installed will ensure a custom fit.

Allow clearance for the water supply lines, drains, and garbage disposal underneath the sink.

Build a support frame or install support bars from front to back, along the inner sides of the cabinet. The frame must support the weight of the sink and all attachments.

The support frame should be positioned so that when installed, the sink is in line and level with the top of the cabinet.
   Prepare Countertop  
  Because each sink will vary dimensionally, no template is provided. Center the sink on the countertop and trace the outline with a pencil to use as a guide for the cutout. Remember to allow clearance for any faucets and/or backsplashes. Cut the countertop accordingly.  
Final Placement
   Step 1  
  Test fit the sink in the opening that was created in the previous steps. The entire weight of the sink should be supported by the support frame. Verify that the sink is in line and level with the top of the cabinet. Use wood shims, if needed, to level the sink.  
   Step 2  
  Set the sink in place and fill in any gaps below the sink front and between the sink and countertop with silicone sealant. Hold the sink in place to secure. Place the countertop onto the sink and remove any excess sealant from all surfaces.  
   Step 3  
  Allow the silicone to dry for 24 hours. Install your drain, faucet, and other accessories according to the installation instructions.  
*General Purpose Silicone Sealant for stone, marble or granite sinks or Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant for copper sinks.