Acrylic Bathtubs vs. Cast Iron Bathtubs


Acrylic and cast iron are two of the most popular materials for bathtubs because of their premium, lasting qualities and ability to elevate the look of any space. While both are excellent options, many have their favorite based on style and upkeep.

To help you figure out the best tub for you, we compared the benefits of acrylic versus cast iron.

A lightweight material, acrylic can typically be placed on any level of the home without needing additional floor support. Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, these tubs are easy to maintain. Two major advantages of acrylic bathtubs are their affordability and ease of repair if scratches occur.
Renowned for decades-long durability and exceptional heat-retaining qualities, cast iron bathtubs tend to be pricier than similar products. Ideal for a bathroom rich with vintage decor, these tubs have a timeless look. The material needs little maintenance and requires just a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to keep looking new. Unlike acrylic, cast iron is a very heavy material, so floor support is necessary to ensure that the tub rests on a solid foundation.
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