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What Is a Slipper Bathtub?


What Is a Slipper Bathtub?
Rising at either end so you can recline as you bathe, slipper bathtubs are responsible for the comfortable lounging position you take the moment you sit down. One (or both, if the tub has a double-slipper design) of the walls are high, sloping inward to offer head, neck, and back support. Depending on its shape and size, the rim of the slipper tub can act as an arm rest.

The sloped design of the slipper tub was introduced during the Victorian era of the late 19th century. It got its name because it was built to be higher on one end like a shoe or slipper, which is now commonly referred to as a high heel pump. Because there was no indoor plumbing at this time, bathtubs were placed in the middle of the room and filled by pouring buckets of water into the tub. During this period, only the wealthy enjoyed the luxury of a slipper tub.

The earliest slipper tubs were typically made of enamel-covered steel, porcelain, and copper. These materials are extremely heavy and difficult to move. Today, slipper tubs are made in a variety of materials ranging from cast iron to lightweight acrylic. These tubs are built two ways: in single and double-slipper designs.
Cast Iron Freestanding Clawfoot Tub
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Tub Design
Single Slipper
Single slipper freestanding clawfoot tub
Single-slipper bathtubs elevate at one end, allowing you to stretch out and use the heightened side for back support. The degree of elevation will vary depending on the style and length of the tub. Single-slipper bathtubs have the ability to be both timelessly fashionable and uniquely modern. Material choice, foot, and plinth design help determine where on the style spectrum the tub resides. Single-slipper tubs are able to accommodate wall-mount, deck-mount, and freestanding faucets.

Double Slipper
Double slipper freestanding clawfoot tub
Double-slipper tubs are raised at both ends so you can relax on either side. Depending on the size, these bathtubs can accommodate two occupants. Double-slipper bathtubs offer style and function, with their eye-catching designs perfect for soaking and bringing a beauty to your bathroom. Freestanding, wall-mount, and deck-mount faucets can all be used with these tubs.

Positioning and Styles
The freestanding design of slipper tubs allows them to be placed nearly anywhere in your bathroom. Review your plumbing layout to be sure that the bathtub will line up with any necessary piping.

Slipper bathtubs come in an array of styles from vintage, modern, and everything in between. Clawfoot varieties come with multiple feet options, including imperial and lion paw feet. Slipper tubs that rest directly on the floor tend to have contemporary designs that emphasize clean lines and bold silhouettes. Pedestal slipper bathtubs bridge the gap between vintage and modern, simultaneously capturing the essence of the classic and the spirit of the forward-thinking.
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