Five Simple Ways to Organize Your Bathroom


Maximizing Space in a Small Bathroom
No matter how large your bathroom, somehow you run out of places to keep your essentials. Clutter builds up on your counter top, and your drawers become disorganized from everyday shuffling. Eventually you're stepping over toys, clothes, and towels that have claimed your bathroom floor. There are many ways to keep your bathroom organized and to get you started, we are offering five quick tips.
   1. Purge the Unnecessary  
  No doubt about it, there are handfuls of items in your bathroom that you haven’t touched in ages. There may even be things thrown in the back of your vanity cabinet that you haven’t laid eyes on in years. We’re willing to bet that there is, at minimum, one package of expired medication in your medicine cabinet. Too many towels are almost a guarantee. Go through every area of the bathroom and toss out those old rusty razors. Donate the bundle of toothbrushes that you’ve collected from your family dentist trips. Less is more, so start your reorganization by getting rid of the junk.  
   2. Not-Just-For-Being-Lazy Susans  
  Installing a Lazy Susan inside your vanity is the perfect way to help organize your bathroom. Their ability to carousel also makes them extremely convenient, allowing you to spin until you find what you need rather than digging through piles of random things or reaching way into the back of the cabinet. To maximize storage potential, buy a multi-tiered Lazy Susan. Also, consider placing one on the countertop for smaller items that are used daily.  
   3. Junk Drawers No More  
  Convert drawers full of randomness into drawers of organization. Place an assortment of baskets within each drawer to give each accessories designated homes. Label each basket for quick identification of its contents. Think outside of the box to come up with other clever organizers for the insides of your drawers, like kitchen utensil dividers or fishing tackle boxes.  
   4. Store Up  
  Floor space isn’t your only option for storage. In fact, in many cases, you will have far less floor space than you do vertical space. Look around your bathroom and make note of all of the areas where you could hang shelving on the wall. Consider all areas of the space and don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas. See that small section of wall above your door? It’s a perfect place to store a row of toilet paper rolls. Replace your single-rail towel bar with a double-rail, or add a tiered towel warmer to hang several. Don’t stop when you run out of wall space. Utilize the back of your bathroom door, closet doors, and vanity cabinet doors to hang shelves or baskets from as well.  
   5. Reclaim Space from the Kids  
  Children love bath time, and children love toys during bath time. If you have nowhere to keep their toys when they’re not in use, they likely end up in a corner of your bathroom or you tip-toe around them when showering. Bathroom toy organizers are a simple way to keep bathroom toys neatly stowed and out of sight. To create your own, hang a mesh laundry bag from a wall-mounted hook, or suspend baskets from an extra shower curtain rod for easy toy access. Check out this Pinterest page for ideas on more bath toy storage.