How Hard Is It To Install Kitchen Fixtures?

How Hard Is It to Install Kitchen Fixtures?
Updating your kitchen can be simple and affordable with new hardware. But how hard is it to install or replace pieces like a faucet or range hood? Here are some of our popular kitchen products and what to expect from installation.

Appliance Pulls: Simple

Appliance Pull
Appliance Pulls
This is one of the simplest DIY tasks around the house and a fantastic way to update your kitchen. For most models all you will need is a screwdriver to detach old pulls and reattach the new ones.

If you are adding pulls or handles to cabinets or drawers that have not been pre-drilled you will also need a drill and measuring tape. These will help keep them even and easy to install.
Appliance Pulls

Kitchen Faucet: Moderate

Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet
Spring Spout Kitchen Faucet
The average homeowner can replace a faucet or install a new one with basic household tools as long as you carefully follow instructions. Use deck plates or faucet hole covers if converting from a widespread configuration to a single-hole.

If changing from a single-hole to widespread configuration then you will need to alter your countertop. When cutting or replacing countertops is necessary you’ll need the right professional for the job.
Pot Filler

Range Hood: Difficult

Built In Range Hood
Stainless Steel Range Hood
Range hoods add character and functionality to your kitchen. Installing one is challenging. This is not a DIY project unless you have experience with duct work and electrical wiring. Hire a professional to install ventilation and electrical hookups to keep your kitchen safe. They can also help lift and secure the hood to the wall.
Stainless Steel Range Hood

Farmhouse Sink: Moderate to Difficult

Fireclay Farmouse Sink
Fireclay Farmouse Sink
A farmhouse sink whether made of stone cast iron copper or stainless steel is a cornerstone of modern kitchens with multipurpose spacious basins.

Moderate: Retrofit farmhouse styles are designed with a shorter apron height. This allows it to fit into existing cabinetry for easier installation. This style is great for homeowners who aren’t doing a major remodel.

Difficult: Oftentimes granite or wall-hung models require professional installation because of their weight and new or modified plumbing connections. Talk to a pro to make sure that your cabinets have the proper structural support for this style.
Stone Farmhouse Sink

Indoor Lighting: Simple to Moderate

Wall Light With 3 Lights

Changing the lighting in a bathroom will enhance the look and feel of the room. Whether you are replacing or adding a new fixture carefully follow instruction to ensure that they meet the electrical requirements such as wattage and voltage.

Simple: Updating existing light fixtures is simple with the right tools and instructions. You will usually only need a screw driver and ladder.

Moderate: Installing additional features such as a lighting timer are safest when performed by an experienced electrician.
Wall Light With 1 Light

Utility Sink: Moderate to Difficult

Stainless Steel Utility Sink
Stainless Steel Utility Sink
A utility sink gives you the perfect place to wash off dirt from the garden. If you are installing a new utility sink in place of a converted style or non-existent plumbing you will likely need a plumber or drywall repairman to configure the new set up and clean up any unsightly damage beneath the basin.
White Utility Sink
Last but not least don't hesitate to ask for help. We have an experienced customer relations team that is happy to answer your questions.

If you're hoping to do a large remodel or need a handyman to prep or complete your project visit sites like HomeAdvisor or Angie's List for pros who can help guide you through your kitchen update.
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