Why You Should Use Copper Fixtures in Your Home (And How)

Kitchen with the Eiler Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spring Spout in Satin Copper for copper kitchen accessories Kitchen with the Eiler Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spring Spout in Satin Copper for copper kitchen accessories

There’s a reason copper is our oldest metal and yet a sought-after choice to this day. A beautiful, timeless material, copper adds a touch of warmth and charm to any space—with numerous practical benefits to boot. Follow along as we delve into all things copper and how to incorporate this intriguing material through your decor.

Benefits of Copper in the Home

Not your average metal, copper has an array of unique characteristics and behaviors that make it highly favored in homes time and time again.

Ages Beautifully: Over time, the look of copper changes due to a natural process called patina. Embraced by many, this material takes on a one-of-a-kind appearance as it ages, which brings character and charm to any room.

Low Maintenance: Thanks to its patina, copper is quite easy to care for. A quick regular clean is key, but otherwise this material can be left alone. There’s no need to wax (unless you want to preserve the finish) and it even self-heals from scratches.

Unique Designs: Copper can be molded and shaped without the risk of cracking, allowing artisans to create unique, unexpected designs in a variety of shapes and textures that simply would not be possible with most alternative materials.

60" Raksha Double-Wall Hammered Copper Soaking Tub

Conserves Heat & Water: Copper's ability to conduct heat makes it the perfect water vessel. When hot water makes contact with copper, the walls of the vessel quickly come up to temperature and hold in the heat. This eliminates the need to keep refilling a tub or sink, which conserves water and helps reduce heating costs.

Cleanliness: Copper is naturally resistant to bacteria. Studies have shown that bacteria lives for only hours on copper surfaces, as compared to days on other common kitchen and bath surfaces. This makes copper an ideal material for use in these spaces, where cleanliness is most desired.

Longevity: Despite copper’s appearance changing over time, its quality is not lost. Known for outdoor use and its ability to withstand corrosion, copper can last for decades (if not centuries). A future heirloom, your copper fixture can be passed down for generations with a unique story to show off.

36" Vine Design Double-Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink for copper sink fixtures

Variations of Copper

One of the beauties of copper is its natural variation. Before selecting your copper accessories or fixtures, it’s important to know the various forms this metal can take on.


You may have noticed that the same piece of copper can undergo a wide range of shades, and even colors, during its lifetime. What starts off as a shiny reddish pink (think new pennies) can evolve into a muted orange-brown with striking irregularities. As touched on above, this is due to a process called patina.

Often referred to as a “living finish”, patina is a naturally occurring tarnish that develops over time as copper is exposed to air, moisture, and other elements. A natural patina can take anywhere from six weeks to a year to develop depending on how the copper is used. Exposure to harsh elements, particularly in outdoor pieces, will eventually create the iconic turquoise patina.

If you wish, it’s possible to keep your copper fixture in its original condition and prevent the natural aging process. To keep your copper looking like new, it requires regular waxing and a few additional cleaning measures.

72" Paige Copper Double-Slipper Tub with Antique Copper Patina


All copper is assigned a gauge number to measure its thickness. Typically, fixtures with low gauge numbers are thicker and heavier. Copper weight is also referred to by the weight of the item per square foot. The greater number of ounces per square foot, the thicker and heavier the item.

Since copper is a soft metal, the thickness of a fixture can have a considerable effect on how well it wears over time. This is especially true for kitchen sinks, as they are one of the most frequently used fixtures in a home. Items with a thicker gauge are typically more costly, but the higher quality of the item is worth the extra cost.

30" Raina Single Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink

Hammered Copper

Perhaps the most popular variation of this metal is hammered copper. While smooth copper is created in a mold or press, hammered copper is created by hand-hammering small dents in the surface of the fixture, leaving a stunning texture with no two exactly alike.

If installing a fixture that will be heavily used, you may benefit from choosing one with a hammered surface. Hammering copper can have a hardening effect on the metal, making it able to withstand heavy use with minimal denting. While dents can be easily fixed, hammered copper is useful for camouflaging them on its textured surface.

15" Merrick Hammered Copper Sink in Antique Copper for copper kitchen accessories

Applied Patinas

You’ll often find copper fixtures with applied patinas, or patina finishes. For those who desire copper’s aged look, this gives you that result from the start, which would otherwise take months or years to naturally occur. Often achieved by a method called French hot process, the finish is applied by hand and thoroughly ingrained into the copper for an authentic look.

How to Make a Statement with Copper Fixtures

Ready to incorporate copper into your home? A little goes a long way with this stunning material, with the right copper statement piece all that’s needed to give a room undeniable character and warmth.

Copper Tubs

In the bathroom, nothing makes a statement like a copper tub. A natural centerpiece in full bathrooms, freestanding tubs are perfectly suited for the distinctive tone and unexpected metallic edge of copper. A smart material for tubs as well, since copper retains heat more efficiently than any alternative, you can luxuriate in warm soaks for longer.

For a classic look, select one of the many slipper tub options available. Raised on either one or both sides, these tubs allow users to lean back in comfort in spaces from rustic to industrial to glam. You will often find copper slipper tubs with decorative bases, eye-catching rivets, or applied finishes for added dimensional flair.

In more modern or minimalist bathrooms, consider a Japanese soaking tub in this finish. The unique patina of copper seamlessly complements the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, which finds beauty in aging and in imperfection. Designed in simplified, understated silhouettes, these tubs let the material speak for itself while providing deep soaks with benefits far beyond bathing.

Clawfoot tub lovers, you can find this stunning style in copper as well. This rare yet incredibly elegant combination is sure to catch the eye in any vintage-inspired space.

Not sure which style is best for you? See our Freestanding Tub Buying Guide.

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59" Paxton Copper Slipper Pedestal Tub for copper fixtures
72" Paige Copper Double-Slipper Tub
72" Paige Copper Double-Slipper Tub
70" Thaine Antique Black Copper Double-Slipper Pedestal Tub
70" Thaine Antique Black Copper Double-Slipper Pedestal Tub
60" Raksha Double-Wall Hammered Copper Soaking Tub
60" Raksha Double-Wall Hammered Copper Soaking Tub
59" Paxton Copper Slipper Pedestal Tub
59" Paxton Copper Slipper Pedestal Tub

Copper Sinks

To make a statement with your sink setup, explore the copper sink. When made of this material, sinks of all types give off an inviting, dynamic look that will wow guests. Also a smart choice for these fixtures, copper naturally resists bacteria to keep the area clean and safe while retaining heat when you need to fill up the sink for handwashing dishes, laundry, and beyond.

In kitchens, you’ll commonly find copper in the form of farmhouse sinks, with this apron-front style putting the material on full display. Featuring designs from smooth and modern to hammered to intricately detailed vine motifs, copper can truly be molded to fit your style. For those with wet bars or dedicated prep spaces, you can easily find bar and prep sinks in this material as well.

Though the bathroom sink is rarely the star of the show, copper is often made into vessel sinks, which highlight the bowl by placing it fully on top of the counter. From ultra-sleek bowl shapes to charming designs shaped like buckets and other objects, vessel sinks showcase the distinguishing beauty and malleability of copper.

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33" Vine Design 60/40 Offset Double-Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink
33" Raina Copper Farmhouse Sink
33" Raina Copper Farmhouse Sink
18" Burgan Double-Wall Copper Vessel Sink
18" Burgan Double-Wall Copper Vessel Sink
36" Fiona Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink
36" Fiona Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink
17" Copper Bucket Vessel Sink with Decorative Copper Handle
17" Copper Bucket Vessel Sink

Incorporating Pieces with a Copper Finish

Despite its series of benefits and stunning appeal, copper’s unique properties simply aren’t suitable for all types of products. If you want the look of copper but it isn’t available in this material for a certain item—or for those who prefer pieces that won’t patina over time—this is where copper finishes come in.

A variety of durable fixtures are available with a copper finish, a protective coating made to mimic the tone of copper, found in options from satin copper to antique copper. Take note that fixtures with a copper finish will not behave or be cared for in the same way as actual copper, as they aren’t necessarily made from copper at all. Much unlike the material copper, these finishes are designed to offer a consistent look throughout their lifespan.

So how can you spot the difference? If you’re unsure whether you’re seeing copper or a copper finish, all you need to do is check your product’s specifications and find what the material says. If the name of your product doesn’t contain the word copper, this is also a sign it likely is not made from this material.

To cast a gorgeous coppery glow all throughout the home, explore our favorite fixtures with a copper finish:

Faucets & Pot Fillers

Elegant vertical fixtures that break through the horizontal plane, faucets are often the first accent to catch the eye when entering kitchens or mudrooms. For anyone who enjoys the look of copper, faucets present a perfect opportunity to let your personal style shine.

You can find copper kitchen faucets in a variety of complementary styles from minimalist pull-down faucets to charming bridge styles to spring-spout styles for an industrial edge; you can even find a bar faucet in a copper finish for those looking to bring eye-catching functionality to wet bars or prep spaces.

Equally as eye-catching, if you’re placing a pot filler above your stove, in a clever coffee nook, or at the ultimate pet watering station, you can feature your favorite finish in these dynamic fixtures as well.

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Ridgeway Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Satin Copper for copper kitchen accessories
Finnian Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Satin Copper
Finnian Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Vivan Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet in Antique Copper
Vivan Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet
Bellevue Bridge Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer in Satin Copper
Bellevue Bridge Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer
Augusta Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler in Antique Copper
Augusta Retractable Wall-Mount Pot Filler

Cabinet & Appliance Hardware

For a simple yet impactful way to bring unique warmth to your home, adorn your cabinetry, island, or vanity with copper hardware. Depending on the finish you choose, you can flaunt that new copper rosy sheen or lived-in antique copper charm with this quick, easy swap—no major renovations or big purchases necessary.

In the kitchen where countless surfaces are often competing against each other, one way to bring the whole room together is through appliance pulls. Available in copper finishes, you can match these to your cabinet hardware and other copper kitchen accessories for instant cohesion.

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Colmar Brass Cabinet Knob in Antique Copper
Strasbourg Solid Brass Cabinet Pull in Antique Copper
Strasbourg Solid Brass Cabinet Pull
Brass Round Knob with Beveled Round Base Plate in Antique Copper
Brass Round Knob with Beveled Round Base Plate
Diehl Adjustable Round Brass Drawer Pull in Antique Copper
Diehl Adjustable Round Brass Drawer Pull
Dallin Rectangle Cabinet Knob in Antique Copper
Dallin Rectangle Cabinet Knob

Finishes Fit for Copper

Copper is not only versatile in its shape and size, but it also complements a variety of other finishes when mixing metals. When accompanying your copper decor from tub or sink setups to cabinetry, these finishes make perfect pairings:

Matte Black finish to compliment copper fixtures
Matte Black
Oil rubbed bronze finish to compliment copper fixtures
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Polished brass to compliment copper fixtures
Polished Brass
Gunmetal to compliment copper fixtures


Is copper hard to clean or maintain?

Because of copper's natural composition, cleaning is easy. Simply rinse after each use to rid the surface of any soap or dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, wash occasionally with dish soap and a sponge. Routine maintenance is only required when trying to prevent the aging process. Learn more about copper care and maintenance.

I have heard people refer to copper as self-healing. What does this mean?

Copper is extremely durable but can be scratched or damaged with excessive use. If your copper fixture ends up with any surface scratches or streaks, you will not need to do anything to fix them. Because of copper's living finish, the scratches will fade over time and blend seamlessly back into the natural patina.

Are copper sinks high maintenance?

Copper sinks are quite low maintenance, with using the right cleaners and materials key. Clean regularly using gentle soap and a soft cloth or sponge, avoiding any acidic cleaners or abrasive materials.

Will heavy pots, pans, or dishes dent a copper sink?

Denting is very unlikely as long as your sink is made of heavy gauge copper, which is the standard for kitchen sinks. If you do experience dents, these can easily be repaired with a rubber mallet.

Are there any tricks to installing a copper sink?

Copper sinks install just like any other sink, depending on the installation type and style. Occasionally, copper sinks may become inverted or pushed up at the bottom during shipping, creating what is known as a "high spot." To fix, simply push it out with the heel of your hand to tap the area with a rubber mallet.

Does copper last longer than stainless steel?

Both self-healing materials, copper and stainless steel are incredibly durable and, thus, long-lasting. Copper is known to last roughly as long as stainless steel, with how each material ages the main differentiating factor.

33" Aberdeen 60/40 Offset Double-Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink
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