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  • November 26 , 2015


Door Knockers

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  1. Doctor's Door Knocker

    Doctor's Door Knocker

    Starting at $29.95
    Announce the presence of visitors with the antique-inspired door knocker. This substantial and functional accent piece features a traditional doctor's-style door knocker design with round mounting and strike plates.
  2. Tolston Brass Door Knocker

    Tolston Brass Door Knocker

    Featuring a sleek, rectangular shape with beaded design on the edge, this high quality door knocker made of solid brass. With this knocker on your front door, you're sure to make a good first impression on your guests.
  3. Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Squirrel Door Knocker

    Grab the tail of this industrious squirrel to use this whimsical door knocker. Perfect for the nature lover.
  4. Brushed Nickel

    Claddagh Brass Door Knocker

    Starting at $32.95
    Welcome your guests with this door knocker that features a traditional Irish symbol representing friendship, loyalty and love. Crafted of solid brass with superb detailing.
  5. Deluxe Ring Cast Iron Door Knocker

    Deluxe Ring Cast Iron Door Knocker

    The classic design of this decorative door knocker will complement a variety of home decors. Made of cast iron, this door knocker features a beautifully textured finish.
    • Matte Black Powder Coat
    • Beeswax Iron
    • Antique Pewter
  6. Solid Bronze Classic Door Knocker - Bronze Patina

    Solid Bronze Classic Door Knocker - Bronze Patina

    The traditional design of this Solid Bronze Classis Door Knocker is a fantastic addition to any front door. This door knocker includes mounting hardware.
  7. Twisted Ring Iron Door Knocker

    Twisted Ring Iron Door Knocker

    The Twisted Ring Iron Door Knocker is the perfect piece for your rustic style home. This vintage reproduction wrought iron door knocker has a desired timeless look.
    • Black Powder Coat
    • Rust
  8. Black Powdercoat

    Elkhart Hand-Forged Iron Door Knocker

    Add a rustic touch to your front door with the addition of the Elkhart Hand-Forged Iron Door Knocker. It features a diamond-shaped backplate and a large ring.
    • Black Powder Coat
    • Rust
  9. Brass Fox Door Knocker

    Brass Fox Door Knocker

    Impress your guests by welcoming them with the authentic details of the handsome Fox Door Knocker. This solid brass door accent includes a matching strike plate.
  10. Mission Brass Door Knocker

    Mission Brass Door Knocker

    This solid brass door knocker is sure to make a lasting impression with your guests. It features a mission style design with a hammered backplate.
Grid List
173 Item(s)

1-10 of 173

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