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Cabinet Knobs

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  1. Solid Bronze Round Knob with Beveled Round Base Plate

    Solid Bronze Round Knob with Beveled Round Base Plate

    Starting at $14.95
    This Solid Bronze Round Knob with Beveled Round Base Plate has a classic look that will coordinate well with any style home. Made of solid, sandcast bronze with a Dark Bronze finish.
  2. Satin Nickel Base

    Clear Old Town Cabinet Knob

    Starting at $14.95
    This beautiful knob made of lead crystal and is hand polished for maximum clarity and brilliance. Its sparkling colorless appearance is magnified by the silver mirroring on the back side of the knob, replicating antique design.
  3. Solid Bronze Contemporary Knob

    Solid Bronze Contemporary Knob

    Starting at $13.95
    A slightly flared stem and a rounded face add style to the Solid Bronze Contemporary Knob. Easily updates any cabinet or drawer.
  4. Light Bronze

    Corinthian Forged Brass Cabinet Knob

    The pattern of this knob consists of several fluid lines and shapes surrounding a large, button-like center. This design is reminiscent of the floral and sun patterns often present in vintage decorative pieces, making it a valuable addition to your cabinet.
  5. Solid Bronze Ball Knob

    Solid Bronze Ball Knob

    Starting at $14.95
    Simplicity makes the ball knob ideal for almost any furniture application. Comes in your choice of premium finishes. for your convenience.
  6. Solid Bronze Victorian Knob

    Solid Bronze Victorian Knob

    Starting at $12.95
    Made of solid bronze, this cabinet knob pairs well with cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers. Its intricately carved details gives your furniture an authentic vintage feel.
  7. 1" Brass Traditional Knob

    1" Brass Traditional Knob

    This versatile cabinet knob is crisp and clean with its design. The simple style of the 1" Brass Traditional Knob would make a great replacement knob for your furniture.
  8. 1-1/4" Striped Brown Porcelain Knob

    1-1/4" Striped Brown Porcelain Knob

    Add a classy touch to your home with this Striped Brown Porcelain Cabinet Knob, perfect for traditional style homes. Matching wardrobe knobs are sold separately.
  9. Bronze Patina

    Solid Bronze Square Knob with Round Base Plate

    With its round base plate and four-sided, pyramid shaped knob, this piece is a great addition to mission style furniture.
  10. Solid Bronze Oval Knob

    Solid Bronze Oval Knob

    Starting at $9.95
    This oval knob is perfect for your cabinets and small drawers, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically according to your preference.
Grid List
299 Item(s)

1-10 of 299

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. ...
  4. 30