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  • November 26 , 2015

Corner Shower Curtain Rod
Corner Shower Rod
Additional View
Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze


Corner Shower Rod
Additional View
Polished Brass
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
SKU: 913110

Corner Shower Curtain Rod

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List Price $80.95

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Enclose a built-in tub with a shower curtain with the Corner Shower Curtain Rod. This L-Shaped shower rod includes one ceiling support and extra-large wall flanges for a secure installation.

Ships in 1 - 2 Business Days

  • Product Details
    • Rod may be cut to desired lengths.
    • Shower curtain rod ships in three pieces. Simple assembly required.
    • Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze rods are plated over solid brass material.
    • Aluminum rods are made of durable aluminum.
    • Includes one 36" ceiling support which may be cut to needed length.
    • Brass rods include rectangular Jumbo Rod Flanges and mounting hardware.
    • Aluminum rods include round flanges and mounting hardware.
  • Technical Information
  • Reviews
    • Ninety Degree Shower Rod

      Posted: 10/23/15 by Willie

      Although no instruction available the rod was an easy install. Anchors & screws didn't break. Finish on rod was beautifully done.
    • Looks Great...Less Failing

      Posted: 10/9/15 by Steve

      Echo all the other reviews about the sucky screws, that snap under moderate torque, or don't even anchor the rod as there is no pilot hole or even indent, and one screw cross-hairs were filled with metal (i.e. unusable). As cheap as screws are would it kill ALL mfg to throw in a few extras...really? 6/10 of a pence each. Sadly, this return rod is the only game in town...screams for competition. Would have given 5 for the looks. Only hope it doesn't rust like another A&R rod I bought.
    • Bronze corner rod

      Posted: 10/2/15 by Babs

      This rod fit perfectly, especially after trying to install a curved rod, which cut the tub/shower space in half. It arrived in a well sealed box and was easy to install. Would definitely recommend Signature to friends.
    • Looks great!

      Posted: 9/15/15 by Holly

      We tore out the ugly, cheap shower doors on our corner shower stall and put in this corner rod. It looks great! We're not ready to replace the tile and do a whole makeover so I couldn't justify spending $1200 on new doors. This was a great fix for $120. It installed very easily. I had no problems with the supplied hardware. I was hoping not to have to attach it to the ceiling in the corner but you do have to - it sags without the ceiling support. Not difficult, I just didn't want a hole in the ceiling drywall. You do need two curtains b/c the curtain can't slide past the corner where it's attached to the ceiling. It looks shiny and fresh in the bathroom - more open and airy than the old shower doors - and we're not experiencing any problems with water getting on the floor outside the shower pan.
    • Good quality L shaped rod

      Posted: 9/3/15 by Mike

      Title says it. Pricey but I'm satisfied
    • OK..cheap hardware!

      Posted: 8/22/15 by Dirk

      I agree with many other reviews, the anchors and screws they provide are complete garbage. I snapped a head clean off the first screw I tried putting in. Do your self a favor and throw these away (take out the set screws first!) and pick up 10ea 1.5" #8 Stainless Spax screws and some good anchors before you even start installing this! Overall I feel it is a bit pricy, but I didn't have many options so I bit the bullet and purchased. As far as the comments on the supports ring, I agree, it is a poor design, but there is a very easy fix! It's not that the threads on the support ring strip out, it's just that the screw makes contact with the bar before it can grab enough threads! I placed the ring where I needed it, marked where the screw hole was and drilled a 1/8" hole into the rod. I then hit the edge of that hole with a countsink to chamfer it a bit. This not only allowed the screw to tighten into the ring, it also let it screw into the bar itself allowing me to tighten the screw all the way into the ring. I just wanted to share the easy fix for anyone else that had problems with the support ring.
    • Very pleased

      Posted: 5/11/15 by Happy

      Purchased the chrome curtain rod. To replace a thirty year old rod. Extremely pleased. Brackets fit the existing holes in the bathroom tiles. Went up easily and looks great.

      Posted: 5/3/15 by G

      Same problem as other reviews. Screw heads broke off (after drilling pilot holes and before the screw had even reached the plate) and the threads tapped in the ring are so shallow they can't support the set screw so now the ring slides and rattles whenever the rod is touched. Poor design on the ring, as soon as I saw it I know it wasn't going to work. Overall it look nice but disappointed at this price point it should come with decent screws and ring that actually does it's job. If I was doing this again I would definitely look elsewhere.

      Posted: 3/9/15 by CGB

      I want to preface this by the fact that I am noT an inexperienced handyman. I know my way around power tools. In general, we were just disappointed with the quality of your product and the hardware. One of the screw heads broke off while trying to drill it in, another stipped completely. The anchors did not fit all the way into the wall despite drilling well past their depth. The entire assembly came with no instructions or even a list of the size of the screws and anchors so you would know which size drill bits to use. The vertical rod was very difficult to thread into the ceiling plate bc one was metal and the other plastic. Once finally installed, the connection points of the horizontal rod were wobbly. Nervous that even the slightest bumping into this assembly will cause it to fail.
    • highly disappointed

      Posted: 2/19/15 by PW

      Boy was i mislead by all of the positive reviews on this. I ordered the 60x30 brushed nickel finish, which ran me $140. the rod mounting brackets arrived with many scratches on them. the hardware, which was polished chrome, was so cheap that two screw heads snapped off during installation. then, to top it off, the set screws for the ceiling rod, don't fit. ended up having to pull some small allen head screws out of the curtain rod i was replacing ($20 at target). For $140, this thing should come with QUALITY hardware that matches the finish and actually fits.

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