How To Install A Semi-Recessed Sink


how to Install A Semi-Recessed Sink
Before installing, read the entire semi-recessed sink installation instructions. Observe all local building and safety codes.
The countertop should be pre-cut to the dimensions of the sink prior to installation. We recommend consulting a professional if you are unfamiliar with this type of installation.
Use care when lifting and installing your sink. Place the sink on a level surface with a towel or other soft cloth beneath to prevent damage.
Tools and Materials:

Damp Cloth

Silicone Sealant*
   Step 1  
  Carefully turn the sink over to rest upside down on the counter.  
   Step 2  
  Apply a continuous bead of silicone to the outer edge of the sink where it will contact the counter.  
   Step 3  
  Turn the sink back over, placing it inside the 13" cutout and position until centered.  
   Step 4  
  Remove any excess silicone with your damp cloth. Allow the silicone to dry for 24 hours.  
Drain Installation
   Step 1  
  Disassemble the drain by removing the threaded tail piece, rubber sealing gaskets, friction washer, and lock nut from the drain body.  
   Step 2  
  Place thread sealant on the threaded section of the tail piece and reattach to the drain body. Slide the flat rubber sealing gasket up the tail piece to the top of the drain body. This gasket will create a water tight seal between the drain flange and sink.  
   Step 3  
  Place the drain in the drain hole in the sink. On the underside of the counter, attach the tapered rubber gasket. With the flat side facing down, slide the gasket up the threaded shank until it makes contact with the bottom of the sink.  
   Step 4  
  Slide the friction washer up to meet the rubber gasket. Thread the lock nut onto the threaded shank. Hand-tighten and make sure that the drain is properly aligned. When ready, finish tightening with a basin wrench to secure the drain.  
*Copper sinks use a Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant.