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6 Tips for Decorating with Dark Decor


6 Tips for Decorating with Dark Decor
Go dark and moody with decor that is unique, timeless, and adds just the right amount of drama to your space. Here are six ways to get the look.
Start with the Walls
  Dark paneled wall  
  black textured wallpaper  
  Set the tone for the rest of the room by choosing the wall color first. Black is a popular choice, but don't be afraid to try out smoky grays or deep blues like navy or Oxford to create the dark and moody ambiance. If you are worried about the area looking too dim or enclosed, a useful trick is to paint the ceiling white or a lighter color to bring an airy feeling to the room.  
Look to the Floor
  There are so many flooring options: stone, wood, and concrete to name a few. Some of these are already naturally dark, while others can be painted or stained in your favorite shade. If you prefer to keep the floor light, white is a classic choice that complements everything.  
  Black cat  
  Slate floor  
Get Creative With Lighting
  Moodboard of lights, mirrors, and bathroom accessories  
  Rectangular mirrors and lights  
  Use multiple light sources to keep things from getting too dark. Sconces, chandeliers, pendant lighting, and desk or floor lamps all illuminate in different ways, so take advantage of the range of fixtures available to you.
Pro tip: Mirrors. Hang them wherever light needs to be reflected. They also give off the illusion of a bigger room.
Explore Texture
  Black textured wallpaper  
  Add character by using decor with tactile qualities just waiting to be touched. Examples of this are embossed wallpaper and bathtubs or sinks with hammered detailing. Find ways to mix in matte and living finishes throughout the room, as well.  
  Cabinet pulls on a black vanity  
Use Color
  Moodboard of bathroom lights, faucets, and accessories.  
  Pops of color here and there bring balance to a dark setting. Elevate the space by using golden hues, reflective surfaces, and splashes of color where necessary.  
  Detail of Copper Tub  
Incorporate Statement Pieces
  Chrome tub filler  
  No dark and moody setting is complete without statement pieces. Whether an elaborately designed bathtub or unique family heirloom, using accent decor keeps things interesting in every corner of the room.  
  Copper Tub  
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