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  • September 7 , 2015

SKU: 923976

Lannister Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout

Starting at $259.95

List Price $350.95

9 Review(s)

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Suitable for professional kitchens, the hardworking Lannister High Rise Kitchen Faucet features a swivel faucet and a spring spout with a pull-down spray. The pull-down spray has a comfortable hand grip and flexible design that lets you accomplish food prep and cleanup tasks with ease. Made of durable solid brass.

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  • owner/purchaser

    Posted: 8/16/15 by Pat

    Love this faucet, haven't gotten it installed yet, but am anxiously awaiting . Have been very pleased with all the the products we have purchased for our new home!!
  • Beautiful

    Posted: 8/3/15 by cc

    love love love this faucet !! I couldn't be any more happier looks fantastic in my kitchen!!!!

    Posted: 7/24/15 by Mel

    We waited for five years to have the money to purchase a new kitchen faucet. Well, this model was well worth the wait! This is exactly what we were looking for and more than worth every penny of the price. Well made, stylish and completely functional - we are VERY happy with this selection. We recommend it without hesitation. Awesome.
  • Quality Faucet

    Posted: 7/3/15 by cali

    I originally was trying to get a similar faucet that another company made identical to this with the valve that allowed you to leave the faucet "on." They discontinued that one and I happened to have bought a sink from signature hardware and when I saw this I had to buy it.
    This Faucet is heavy and well made. It is a statement piece and functions great. The adapter I was valve I was referring to is a little tricky at first and I thought it was broken but playing around with the faucet for 15 minutes helped. Don't hesitate to purchase this as it's made well, easy to install and great to use!!
  • #1 Faucet 6 STARS

    Posted: 4/25/15 by Jez

    We purchased this faucet for our new home. It never went on sale and I waited for a deal! It is worth the full price and turns out it is a bargain at that price! The water sprays out big time and It is the star of the kitchen! It is like a sculpture! We have four boys and they love using the spring loaded faucet to spray off the dishes. Yes, they do the dishes! It has great power! When someone is doing the dishes, someone else can come use the other faucet to wash their hands at the same time or rinse off the fruit! We absolutely love this FAUCET! IT is one of my favorite things in the kitchen. We bought it in bronze.My friend got hers in chrome and my other friend just ordered one in brushed nickel. Everyone that sees it, goes and gets one for their kitchen, too!
  • Excellent Faucet

    Posted: 1/18/15 by Mallory

    Purchased this faucet when we bought our new condo. It matches perfectly with the granite countertops and cabinets. It has great force in water and easy to use. I would never get a regular faucet again. It would be nice if the tube matched with the faucet hardware.
  • Architect

    Posted: 1/14/15 by jp

    my wife is a fantastic cook, and this completes her cook's kitchen.
  • The BEST!

    Posted: 8/13/14 by PMinock

    Wow! I became interested in this type of faucet after seeing one at Home Depot then started my internet research. This is when I found Signature Hardware and their awesome selection. This faucet cost a bit more than the one at Home Depot but there is NO comparison. This thing rocks! It came promptly and well packaged. I can hardly believe how heavy it is. This is the real deal - commercial grade for home use at a fair price. Easy to install and the water flow is great. Looks fantastic! Buy this. You won't be disappointed.
  • Engineers View

    Posted: 7/20/14 by MK

    Overall I love this faucet. I actually had to nearly close the under-sink water flow valves to keep this thing from being too powerful! The action on all handles is nice and I haven't had any problems with function for about a year now.

    One small flaw:
    When you rotate the spring hanging sprayer it will either slowly start to loosen its connection to the body of the faucet, or it will be resistant to staying in the position you would like it to hang in. The fitting is supposed to allow rotation but when you tighten it down it introduces more friction and the spraying is hard to rotate. The fitting holding the sprayer on will also loosen itself over a couple months and leak very slowly when you use the sprayer until you notice and tighten it up. Tightening the fitting only takes seconds every couple months but if there could be a set screw or jam nut to hold on this fitting, that would be ideal.

    If you want a nice faucet similar to industrial kitchens I have been very pleased with this one and it was the nicest faucet I could find.

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