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SKU: 918556

Freestanding Thermostatic Waterfall Tub Faucet


List Price $850.95

7 Review(s)

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Enjoy the calming sound and luxurious look of cascading water created by this Thermostatic Waterfall Freestanding Tub Faucet with Brass Hand Shower. Featuring a convenient hand shower, the ultra modern look and clean, angular lines make this tub filler ideal for a contemporary master bath.

Ships in 1 - 2 Business Days

  • Tub Filler

    Posted: 9/19/15 by Jack

    Product was beautiful but too large for my bath - will return
  • Should have gone with a name brand

    Posted: 9/9/15 by mike

    Looks great. First one they sent leaked, so I had to pay plumber TWICE for installation. Second one does not leak, but you cant control the temperature! !! ALL HOT or ALL COLD! You choose! I would not recommend.
  • Bad design flaw

    Posted: 7/26/15 by FAIL

    As an interior designer I was was drawn to this for its stylish and sleek aesthetic, however the function is ridiculously horrible. The water sits in the level spout and causes algae and lime build up and never fully drains out. Very dissatisfied and so was my client. Don't let the looks fool you!
  • Tub Filler

    Posted: 7/3/15 by Kevin

    Nice tub filler but needs some modifications. 1) change the hoses inside the unit itself to 1/2 by 3/8 (can buy at the major hardware stores and took 10 mins). 2) the spillway is perfectly level however I used 2 flat washer under the filler itself when securing it to the floor. Yes, it is vertically off level but unnoticeable to the naked eye. No water collects in my spillway. For the money you pay for the filler you shouldn't have to make modifications but life isn't easy.
  • Major Design Defect!

    Posted: 5/7/15 by Rita

    While the faucet is lovely, it has a major design defect. As its spillway is perfectly horizontal, after each use, excess water remains in the spillway and does not drain out, The only way to get the water out of the spillway is to soak it up with a towel or something. The spillway should be designed instead to be at enough of any angle so that the excess water in the spillway will drain out after each use. If you are ok with this, then the faucet is fine. We'll probably be returning ours because of this defect, unless Customer Service can come up with a satisfactory solution.
  • gorgeous tub faucet

    Posted: 1/7/15 by Lucy

    We love our new waterfall tub faucet from SH! The cascading waterfall is both elegant and relaxing for the bath.
  • Just installed tub filler

    Posted: 10/10/14 by Barbwire

    The unit itself looks nice. The water does not come out like the picture shows, it all goes to one side and curls.

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