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Petrified Wood Products

Artwork Formed By Nature

For those who want a bathroom unlike any other, installing a petrified wood sink is an excellent choice. Prized for their unusual colors and details, each petrified wood sink is one-of-a-kind.

The term "wood" is actually somewhat of a misnomer, as petrified wood is in fact stone. Taking its name from the Greek word petro ("rock"), petrified wood is actually a fossilized tree, the result of a long transformation from plant matter to stone.

Petrified Wood

From Wood to Stone

The process of wood becoming stone begins when a tree trunk falls and is buried without access to oxygen. For instance, a natural event may cause a tree trunk to be covered in sand or blanketed by volcanic ash. Instead of being subjected to air and insects, the wood is permeated with water and minerals. As the water slowly evaporates, the minerals begin to crystalize, replacing the cells in the tree with inorganic stone.

Individual aspects of the tree, such as growth rings, bark details and cellular tissue are preserved. It can take thousands, even millions of years for wood to become petrified.


Finding Petrified Wood

Petrified wood requires a special set of circumstances to form, yet it can be found in countries around the world. Even the United States has areas of naturally occurring petrified wood, including Arizona, California, Utah and Wisconsin. In fact, there are petrified forests on every continent except for Antarctica.

Signature Hardware gets its petrified wood from Java, an island in Indonesia that was almost entirely formed by volcano. Because the area abounds in iron oxides, manganese and carbon, our petrified wood sinks feature yellow, red, brown, orange and black coloring. Each mineral has its own characteristic coloring, so iron creates the reddish tones seen in petrified wood, while carbon is usually responsible for black hues.

Rich in history and character, petrified wood sinks are a natural and unexpected way to make your bathroom unlike any other.

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