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Ceiling Medallions

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  1. Scarlett Medallion Rosette - White

    Scarlett Medallion Rosette - White

    A beautiful addition to your ceiling, the Scarlett Medallion Rosette features a stunning flower and ring pattern. Can be used to cover a medallion center hole or as a rosette for various other uses in your home.
  2. Malone Ceiling Medallion - White

    Malone Ceiling Medallion - White

    The Malone Ceiling Medallion will add value and appeal to your home with its lovely pinwheel design. Additional medallion rings and rosettes complement the Malone.
  3. Myer Ceiling Medallion - White

    Myer Ceiling Medallion - White

    This classically designed ceiling medallion will add glamour and authentic style to any home. The Myer Ceiling Medallion features a unique oval shape and leaf detailing.
  4. Noel Ceiling Medallion - White

    Noel Ceiling Medallion - White

    Now you can own an elegant recreation of an antique ceiling medallion for your home. The Noel Ceiling Medallion features beautiful beading and other delicate patterns around it.
  5. Parnell Ceiling Medallion - White

    Parnell Ceiling Medallion - White

    Add the perfect finishing touch to your home with the Parnell Ceiling Medallion. Can be used to enhance your lighting fixtures, with a ceiling fan or even with a rosette.
  6. Rawling Ceiling Medallion - White

    Rawling Ceiling Medallion - White

    Elaborate leaf motifs and scrollwork accent this Rawling Ceiling Medallion. This piece is a perfect accent to a chandelier, or works well as wall decor.
  7. Ramsey Ceiling Medallion - White

    Ramsey Ceiling Medallion - White

    Bring architectural interest to your kitchen or any room in your home with this charming Ramsey Ceiling Medallion. It features overlapping leaves around the edge with fruit and leaf detailing in the center.
  8. Saxton Ceiling Medallion - White

    Saxton Ceiling Medallion - White

    Ideal for an antique or traditional home, the Saxton Ceiling Medallion has a ribbon and bead motif, instantly adding charm to your room. Finish with paint or other techniques for a truly unique look.
  9. Ryder Ceiling Medallion - White

    Ryder Ceiling Medallion - White

    Create a stunning focal point in your home with the Ryder Ceiling Medallion. The medallion can be hand painted for a unique look and also used with a medallion ring or rosette.
  10. Sullivan Ceiling Medallion - White

    Sullivan Ceiling Medallion - White

    Accentuate your chandelier with this one of a kind ceiling medallion. The Sullivan Ceiling Medallion is adorned with a beautiful rose and scalloped pattern.
Grid List
37 Item(s)

1-10 of 37

  1. 1
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