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  1. Classic Rectangular Doorbell

    Classic Rectangular Doorbell

    Starting at $11.95
    The Classic Rectangular Doorbell is a modest doorbell that will add a simple touch to your entryway. This doorbell made of solid, sandcast brass and is featured in multiple finishes.
  2. Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Caliban Brass Doorbell

    Starting at $16.95
    The classic designed Caliban doorbell recalls antique entrances and features simple lettering and a textured surface. Made of brass.
  3. Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Osric Brass Doorbell

    Dress up an entry with the elaborately designed Osric Brass Doorbell. This accent will add a one-of-a-kind, decorative element to your entrance.
  4. Harvey Round Iron Doorbell

    Harvey Round Iron Doorbell

    Bring a touch of retro style to your home with this round doorbell. The simple design and classic PRESS written on the top half of the circle adds charm to any front door.
    • Black Powder Coat
    • Rust
  5. Craftsman Twist Doorbell

    Craftsman Twist Doorbell

    This Craftsman style doorbell is the perfect vintage reproduction piece. The twist function works without a wiring system, and produces a loud ring.
  6. Simple Oval Brass Doorbell

    Simple Oval Brass Doorbell

    This Simple Oval Brass Doorbell is a classic element to any entryway. This solid, forged brass doorbell fits two-wire electrical systems for an easy update.
  7. Garden Twist Doorbell

    Garden Twist Doorbell

    This vintage reproduction twist doorbell is the perfect fit for a nature enthusiast or homes with outdoor foliage. The Garden Twist Doorbell mounts easily and does not require any wiring system.
    • Polished Brass
    • Antique Brass
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  8. Colonial Brass Doorbell

    Colonial Brass Doorbell

    Starting at $11.95
    The Colonial Brass Doorbell is perfect to add an architectural touch to your entryway. This traditional three stepped border brass doorbell is featured in a variety of finishes.
  9. Cassio Brass Doorbell

    Cassio Brass Doorbell

    Add a decorative element to your home's entrance with this solid brass doorbell, which features a floral design with slightly raised petals surrounding its push button.
  10. Mercullius Doorbell

    Mercullius Doorbell

    Featuring an ornate outer design, the Mercullius Doorbell will make a lasting first impression on visitors at your door. This solid brass doorbell will fit existing two-wire electrical systems and is a simple way to upgrade your home's entrance.
Grid List
83 Item(s)

1-10 of 83

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. ...
  4. 9