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Push Plates

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  1. Traditional Push Plate - Bronze Patina

    Traditional Push Plate - Bronze Patina

    Classic and refined, this heavy-duty Traditional Push Plate will be a functional addition to any door in your home. Made of bronze, this push plate features exposed mounting screws, which are included.
  2. Traditional Brass Push Plate

    Traditional Brass Push Plate

    Bring old-world charm to your home with the addition of the Traditional Brass Push Plate. With its beautifully detailed design and large "Push" in the center, this solid brass piece will instantly be the favorite accent in your home.
  3. Rimmed Rectangular Push Plate

    Rimmed Rectangular Push Plate

    Use this decorative push plate to minimize markings, dents, and scuffs. Featuring an etched rim around the perimeter, this unit is both functional and stylish.
  4. Embellished Warwick Push Plate

    Embellished Warwick Push Plate

    Starting at $49.95
    This push plate features a magnificently large top embellishment, as well as a moderate sized hand panel. Made of traditional rough iron and comes in your choice of finish.
  5. Oil Rubbed BRonze

    Mission Brass Push Plate

    This beautiful brass push plate will protect your door from dirt, handprints, and smudges. It features a mission style design with a hammered center.
  6. Nantucket Push Plate

    Nantucket Push Plate

    The Nantucket Push Plate is an authentic reproduction of the Hadrian Collection from Russell & Erwin Hardware, circa 1909. Add this Roman style hardware to your home for a striking style statement.
  7. Quaker Push Plate

    Quaker Push Plate

    Starting at $35.95
    A slanted edge enhances the simple design of the Quaker Push Plate.
  8. Knoxville Push Plate

    Knoxville Push Plate

    This simple and elegant push plate features patterned edges and a clean, smooth center rectangle that protects your door from handprints and scuff marks.
    • PVD Lifetime
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • Satin Nickel
  9. Celtic Brass Push Plate

    Celtic Brass Push Plate

    Starting at $28.95
    Add a touch of European flair to your home with this beautiful Celtic Brass Push Plate. It features a classic Celtic ribbon design and provides protection to your door.
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • Polished Brass
  10. Rectangular Iron Push Plate

    Rectangular Iron Push Plate

    Starting at $23.95
    This simple push plate will lend an authentic antique feel to your room with its rough iron texture and traditional design.
    • Black
    • Russet
Grid List
55 Item(s)

1-10 of 55

  1. 1
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  3. ...
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