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  • November 23 , 2017


Clawfoot Tub Buying Guide

Clawfoot Slipper Tub

Beloved for their nostalgic appearance, clawfoot tubs never go out of style. Many families have a cast iron clawfoot tub that's been in their home or passed down for generations. Even for a modern decor, there are acrylic clawfoot tubs with sleek feet that add character and panache to a bathroom. Before you shop, however, there are a few things to consider when buying a clawfoot tub:

Measure Your Space

Start by measuring the amount of room in your bath. Choose a tub that is several inches shorter than the length of your finished walls. This allows the plumber to assemble the drain and water supplies while the tub is in place. Be sure to measure the door width to make sure the tub can be moved into the bathroom. Check this against the tub width and height in the specifications.

Selecting a Tub

Determine whether you would prefer an acrylic clawfoot tub, one made of metal or a traditional cast iron tub. Because they're more easily shaped, acrylic tubs come in many styles and are the lightest option. Cast iron tubs are heavier and may require reinforcing a floor to support the added weight. Eye-catching and opulent, tubs made of metal warm quickly, but may require more maintenance to prevent water spots.

Next, choose the shape of tub you'd like. Freestanding tubs such as clawfoot tubs come in a variety of shapes, include the classic slipper, which features a raised end on one or both ends for leaning back. A double-ended tub places the faucet on the side, so you can lean back at either tub end.

Following the traditional style, think about the details you'd enjoy while using your tub. Some clawfoot tubs have a roll-top rim and some offer greater depth for a more luxurious soak. Each style is normally offered in several sizes and drilling options, making it easy for you to find the tub you want.

Choosing Tub Feet

Now more than ever, you can find a wide variety of feet designs for clawfoot tubs. The selection runs the gamut from traditional ball-and-claw feet, to very elaborate nature-inspired feet or even simple and stark leg designs. Take into account the look you want for your bath, whether you style is ultra-modern or traditional, and what type of finish you'd prefer the feet to have. Don't worry if your floors are not perfectly even, a common characteristic of older homes. Many tub feet have built-in adjusters that can accommodate uneven floors.

Tub Drilling

Read on to learn more about the drilling options available for tubs.


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