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SKU: 922234

Kalama Exposed Pipe Shower Set With Rainfall Shower Head and Dual Tub Fillers - 1/2" IPS

Starting at $369.95

List Price $499.95

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The Kalama Shower Set has a unique, two-valve tub filler configuration, giving you complete control over water temperature. Relax under the Kalama's delightful rainfall showerhead.

Ships in 1 - 2 Business Days

  • Product Details
    • Material: Brass
    • Handle Type: Cross
    • Assembly Required: No
    • Porcelain "Hot" and "Cold" buttons on metal cross handles.
    • Overall height measures 62" H.
    • Riser pipe can be adjusted by cutting on site.
    • Shower arm extends 18".
    • 8" diameter rainfall shower head.
    • 1/2" IPS riser.
    • Spout reach 5-1/4".
    • Dual spouts have 6" centers.
    • Faucet escutcheons measure 2-3/4".
    • Unit is made of solid brass.
  • Technical Information
  • Reviews
    • Dont buy this!

      Posted: 4/9/15 by Stone

      Looks great, feels great in your hand and its by signature hardware who has great customer service. This seems to be on of those pieces that depending on who and the day it was made its gonna or not gonna work. Mine didn't work. Ive been a General contractor for 30 years and I recommend the makers re-tool this. There are too many parts and nothing lines up. The tolerances are way off.
      Buy at your own risk!
    • very disappointed

      Posted: 3/29/15 by Cooper

      Loved the look of this set. Thought we would give it a try in-spite of the 1 negative review. Should have followed their advice. We had the same problem our plumber could not get the pipes tight enough to stop the leaking.Not threaded properly. Tried several different things but nothing worked. We will have to send the set back but now how have the problem of a newly tiled shower and centers to fit this fixture and can't find anything else that will fit.
    • Cheap Chinese junk

      Posted: 5/20/14 by Capnhairdo

      I wanted to love this set. Since it was from Signature Hardware, I assumed it was high quality. It fit our needs exactly for an outdoor shower, and I loved the old-fashioned look. We designed a section of our back patio around this and built a wall with new plumbing around its specs.
      The only thing I didn't like was the straight arm, and so I decided to swap in a different gooseneck shower arm from Signature. I asked if there would be any problems replacing the existing arm, and the rep assured me that there should not. Turns out that she was wrong, and I ended up having to buy a ball 90° ($24, also from Signature) in order to make it work. During the course of this, I spent a lot of time chatting with one of the incredibly helpful plumbers at Signature. He explained that the issue with this set and so many more coming out of China is that they have straight threads, not tapered, so they never screw down tightly and don't pair up with most accessories correctly.
      I discovered how true this was when we finally installed it. Our plumber had to goop up every joint with teflon tape and Loctite, but even after 2-3 attempts to tighten down every joint, the thing still leaks. Some of the joints had only a very narrow grip area for a wrench, and neither our plumber nor any plumbing store in town had a wrench that would fit. I ended up getting a cone wrench from a bike shop and grinding it down to fit just to be able to tighten those joints.
      At this point, I'm so frustrated that I don't even want to look at the thing. I'm hoping that our hard water eventually seals the joints.
      Please, Signature, stop selling this garbage. I love your company, but hate this set.

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