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  1. 24" Length

    Effendi Linear Shower Drain

    Starting at $109.95
    The Effendi Linear Shower Drain adds function and a distinctive look to your shower floor. Crafted of stainless steel with a removable grate.
  2. 24" Length

    Siewart Linear Shower Drain

    Starting at $109.95
    Complete a seamless shower installation with the Siewart Linear Shower Drain. Made of stainless steel, this drain features a conveniently removable grate.
  3. 32" Length

    Reid Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain

    Starting at $119.95
    Perfect for your contemporary walk-in shower, the Reid Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain will add a modern look to your master bath or guest bathroom.
  4. 8" Length

    Werner Square Shower Drain

    Starting at $99.95
    With its modern square shape and round hole design, the Werner Shower Drain adds a striking touch to a walk-in shower or wet room installation.
  5. 32" Length

    Loup L-Shaped Linear Shower Drain

    Starting at $289.95
    The Loup L-Shaped Shower Drain finishes a luxury shower project in sophisticated style, perfect for adding a just-right detail to your installation.
  6. Drain Grill Set

    Drain Grill Set

    This shower drain grill set comes complete with screws. This grill set is designed to fit Pasco, American, Brass & Aluminum, and Casper/Oatey drains.
    • Polished Brass
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  7. PVC Drain Flange Coupling

    PVC Drain Flange Coupling

    This PVC Drain Flange Coupling connects the waterproof membrane on a low-profile shower drain to the plumbing beneath. This durable connector is created specifically for our Werner Square, Effendi Linear, Siewart Linear and Loup L-Shaped Linear shower drains.
  8. Round Strainer Shower Drain - 3-1/2"

    Round Strainer Shower Drain - 3-1/2"

    Starting at $19.95
    This Round Shower Drain fits 3-1/2" drain holes and features a screw-on stainless steel strainer and a hub adaptor for 2" PVC pipes. It works with fiberglass, acrylic or other pre-formed shower stalls and receptors, making it the perfect drain for your cast iron shower tray or shower enclosure with tray.
    • Polished Stainless Steel
    • Brushed Stainless Steel
  9. Snap-In Strainer - White

    Snap-In Strainer - White

    Complete a professional-looking shower project with this Snap-In Strainer, displaying a stylish, rounded-square shape and modish cutouts.
  10. Drain

    PVC Drain Flange Coupling with Strainer

    Create a watertight seal at the base of your shower when you install this PVC Drain Flange Coupling. This shower drain is height adjustable and includes a stainless steel strainer.
Grid List
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