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  • November 26 , 2015


Wall Mount Sinks

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  1. Belvidere Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Belvidere Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Perfect for bathrooms with space constraints, this Wall-Mount Sink has a sleek design that works well in any setting. Complete this look with the single hole faucet of your choice.
  2. Chelsey Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Chelsey Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Decorate your half bath with the elegant Chelsey Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink.
  3. White Wall Mount Sink

    Karsten Wall-Mount Sink

    Starting at $209.95

    The Karsten Wall-Mount Sink features a straightforward design that is perfect for a bathroom containing simple, stylish pieces.
  4. 32" Yesler Glass Wall Hung Sink - Black

    Yesler Wall-Mount Glass Sink

    Starting at $169.95
    The Yesler Glass Wall-Hung Sink boasts a sharp-looking, minimalist design that's ideal for a contemporary bathroom. Stainless steel bars beneath this glass sink offer a handy spot for hanging hand towels, while an integral counter provides space for holding soap and toiletries.
  5. Leiden Wall Mount Sink with Towel Bar

    Leiden Wall-Mount Sink with Towel Bar

    An unusual side faucet installation makes the wall-mount Leiden Sink an intriguing addition to your powder room or guest bath.
  6. Bangor Glass Wall Hung Sink - Clear

    Bangor Wall-Mount Glass Sink

    Starting at $127.95
    Perfect for a powder room in any contemporary style home, the compact Bangor Glass Wall-Hung Sink boasts an efficient and cutting-edge design.
    • Black
    • Clear
  7. Hiott Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink - White

    Hiott Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Starting at $279.95

    For dimensional effect, part of the Hiott Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink's front emerges from an integral rectangular counter.
  8. White Wall Mount Sink - Single Hole Left Side

    Genus Wall-Mount Sink

    Starting at $139.95

    Create a unique look in your bathroom with the Genus Wall-Mount Sink.
  9. Rogge Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink - White

    Rogge Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Starting at $149.95

    Replace a cumbersome bathroom basin with the compact Rogge Wall-Mount Sink, which frees up valuable space above and below.
  10. Magali Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink - Black

    Magali Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

    Starting at $169.95

    Complete a modern bathroom in space-saving style with the Magali Bathroom Sink, which mounts to the wall.
Grid List
148 Item(s)

1-10 of 148

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. ...
  4. 15